2017 Scholars M-R

Faiza Masood
US University: CUNY Hunter College

Faiza Masood, a New York native, will graduate from CUNY Hunter College with a major in Religion and a double minor in Arabic and Asian American Studies. Faiza has studied Arabic in Jordan and Morocco through prestigious study abroad grants such as the Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship and the Critical Language Scholarship. Faiza worked alongside faculty to establish Hunter College’s first interfaith club to promote understanding between students of different faiths in the face of anti-Muslim bigotry and violence. During her Marshall, Faiza plans to continue her interfaith work in the UK and pursue a MA in Islamic Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).

Deshawn McKinner
US University: University of Wisconsin

Deshawn McKinney, hailing from the Northside of Milwaukee, will graduate with a degree in Creative Writing and a certificate in African-American studies. His work focuses on the liberation of all intersections of Black people and their identities, and building coalition across peoples and movements to create sustainable, proactive, and effective bases of power. He utilizes art, grounded in hip-hop, as a tool to invite folks into the conversation and disrupt the status quo. Also a Truman scholar, Deshawn will pursue an MSc in Public Policy and Administration and an MSc in Social Policy.

Jacob Miller
US University: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Jacob Miller is a recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where he focused his time and energy on civic engagement and service. He majored in Political Science and English and minored in Leadership and Civic Engagement and Urban Studies. Jacob is a first-generation college student and a graduate of a career and technical high school. He has worked for Opportunity Nation as the Grassroots and Coalition Coordinator, passed state health care legislation, coordinated a capacity building organization SouthCoast Serves, wrote service learning curriculum, opened the university’s first student-run business Jumpin’ Juice, founded the Common Project that focuses on boosting millennial civic engagement, created workforce development programs, started biannual youth civic engagement summits, and has helped register hundreds of people to vote. He also served as an elected student representative to the UMass Board of Trustees.  Jacob will read for an MPhil in Management at the University of Cambridge.

Victoria Mousley
US University: College of the Holy Cross

Victoria Mousley studies Psychology and Deaf Studies at the College of the Holy Cross. Victoria explored her passion for cognitive neuroscience as a visiting student at Gallaudet University, an undergraduate institution for deaf students, where she immersed herself in Deaf culture, used American Sign Language as her primary language, and conducted neuroscience of language research. She will spend her Marshall Scholarship studying cognitive neuroscience of language at University College London. As a 2016 Harry S. Truman Scholar, Victoria intends to pursue a public policy degree and work to use neuroscience research to inform education and healthcare policy worldwide.

Hasher Nisar
US University: Middlebury College

Hasher Nisar is majoring in Political Science and minoring in Religion at Middlebury College. His coursework and research focus on the media representations of religious groups, the integration difficulties facing minorities, and the relationship between the West and Islam. He is a Senior Fellow for Humanity in Action and has served as a member of the State Farm Youth Advisory Board and the Pearson Student Advisory Board. He is a Gates Millennium, Horatio Alger, Nordstrom, and Truman Scholar, respectively. As a Marshall Scholar, he plans to pursue the MPhil in Islamic Studies and History course at the University of Oxford.

Ian O'Grady
US University: Claremont McKenna College

Ian O’Grady, from Tempe, AZ, graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude from Claremont McKenna College, where he studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Ian has sought to combine research with an interest in public service and local governance. As a Student Manager, he led student operations at the Rose Institute of State and Local Government, a student-driven research institute providing California residents and public servants and research and analysis on all things local government. He has co-authored, published and presented articles assessing political reform of California’s nonpartisan primary system, while gaining experience interning with political campaigns, the ACLU, and other issue-based advocacy groups. Ian currently serves as the Research Analyst for Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, where he prepares speeches, policy briefings and formal correspondence. In the UK, Ian will pursue an MPhil in Politics (Comparative Government) at Oxford University.

Maille Radford
US University: Harvard University

Maille Radford will be the first undergraduate to receive a joint degree in Chemistry and History of Art and Architecture from Harvard University. With experience in art education, she has served on the Harvard Art Museums’ Student Advisory Board and is the first undergraduate to conduct research in the Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies. She will pursue degrees in Art History at University College London and Curatal Studies in her second year.

Devika Ranjan
US University: Georgetown University

Devika Ranjan, of Andover, MA, will graduate from a degree in Culture and Politics at Georgetown University in Spring 2017. Devika has focused her time on developing ways to understand and engage marginalized communities through performance. She served as a Projects for Peace Fellow through the Kathryn Davis Foundation, where she helped conduct theatre workshops with a group of women on the India-Pakistan border. She conducting independent fieldwork about the importance of theatre in South Asian post-conflict zones as a Raines Research Fellow and is the recipient of the “Improving the Human Condition” grant award from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service for her theatre work in South Asia.

Samuel Ruppert
US University: United States Military Academy

Sam Ruppert became interested in China after leaving his family farm in Pennsylvania to study at West Point, where he will graduate with dual majors in Chinese and Defence & Strategic Studies and commission as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army. In addition to military leadership positions, including Cadet Basic Training First Sergeant, Sam had the opportunity to spend a semester at Peking University, serve as an interpreter for the People's Liberation Army Sandhurst Competition team, and research the First Sino-Japanese War in Chinese government archives. Sam plans to pursue an MA in War Studies at King's College London.