Find a Course in the UK

Need help to find courses in the UK for your Marshall Application?

Use this course finder tool to browse eligible master’s degree programmes at every university across the UK*.

Only courses that are eligible for Marshall Scholarships should appear here.  They are UK-based, full-time, start in the autumn term, and lead to a master's or Phd qualification.  For the list of courses not funded by Marshall please see the rules here.

Courses at Marshall Partner universities should appear first, in alphabetic order, they are marked Marshall Partner. ** 


Please note that the course lengths may not be accurate on this page so please check with the relevant university website for the accurate information.  Applicants for the one year Scholarship may not apply for courses that are less than 10 months and will be automatically disqualified if these courses are listed in the application.

*The course information displayed in the finder is supplied by Postgrad Solutions. This data is regularly updated but, due to evolving course offerings at universities, it may not always be 100% accurate at the time of search. Please also check individual university websites for more information.

**In addition universities who advertise with Postgrad Solutions who are the coursefinder provider will also appear in first in the listings.