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How to apply

Applying for a Marshall Scholarship

The applications for the 2023 Marshall Scholarship are now closed.

The information below outlines the process and key points to consider when thinking about applying for a Marshall Scholarship.


Before you Apply

  • Read the Rules for Candidates carefully. Consider the objectives of the Marshall Scholarship Programme (see opening paragraph of the Rules for Candidates)

  • Review the evaluation criteria. The Selection Committees are seeking candidates who have the potential to excel as scholars, leaders and as contributors to improved UK-US understanding.

  • Review the information on the Marshall Partnership Scholarships.

Degrees not funded under the Marshall Scholarship:

  • Second BA/BSc (undergraduate) Degrees
  • MBA (any university)
  • MSc/MFE Financial Economics (any university)
  • Degrees leading to professional qualifications in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science and law (these degrees typically take 5 years to complete)
  • Degrees that require extended periods away from the University or the UK, including joint degrees with Universities not in the UK
  • Masters degrees that are 15 months or 28 months in length
  • PGDip/Certificates in any subject
  • Distance Learning Degrees
  • Part-time courses
  • Courses that start in January
  • Supervised research not leading to a degree qualification
  • One-year candidates must only consider degrees that are at least 10 months in duration and would be expected to remain in the UK for the duration of the course. Please check the university websites carefully for the duration of the degree in months. There are no exceptions to this regulation.
  • It is not possible to undertake a Masters longer than 12 months in the second year of the Scholarship.

The Process

Candidates fill out the form and submit it through the system to their undergraduate institution, the institution ensures that the application is complete and decides whether or not to endorse it. If the Institution decides to endorse the application they will add the letter of endorsement and will then submit it through the system to the appropriate regional committee. Candidates should contact the appropriate contact at their institution if they are considering applying for a Marshall Scholarship.

The applications for the 2023 cycle are now closed. The deadlines for the 2023 Marshall Competition are: 20 September 2022 for applicants and recommenders at 5:00pm in the time zone your university is located. 22 September 2022 for endorsement and submission by US Institution at 5:00pm in the time zone your university is located.

Your Completed Application

Candidates may apply in one region only - either that in which they have their permanent home address or ordinary place of residence/employment, or that in which they are studying. Any candidate applying in more than one region will automatically be disqualified.

Candidates may apply for either the one year or two year Scholarship not both. Any candidate found applying for both will automatically be disqualified.

Candidates must submit their application on the online form provided. Applications must be endorsed by the President, Provost, or Academic Dean of the applicant's US educational  undergraduate institution. The online application must be submitted and authorised by a designated member of staff at the applicant's educational institution.  Please note permission must be sought to be endorsed by your graduate institution.

No endorsing institution may submit more than 24 applications overall. There is no cap on the number of applications that can be sent to an individual Region, but the overall number of applications that an institution can endorse will be a maximum of 24.  

NB Your institution may have earlier deadlines for submission of your application. Whether this is the case or not you must submit your application in a timely manner in order for your institution.

All applicants must complete and submit their applications no later than 5:00pm in the time zone where your endorsing institution is located on 20 September 2022 The application will then be processed by your endorsing institution for submission.  No changes will be able to be made to the application after this date.

Final submission of the application including the three letters of recommendation and letter of endorsement must be submitted online by the endorsing institution and received at the regional centre no later than 5:00pm in the time zone where your endorsing institution is located on 22 September 2022.

You will be able to track and monitor your application's progress online.

What Happens Next

Applications will be received and reviewed at eight regional centres in the United States. Shortlisted candidates will be called for interview in November. Dates and guidance for the interviews can be found here. The final selection will be announced shortly after interview. Successful applicants will be offered a scholarship in writing, and will be asked to accept or decline this offer, also in writing, within 10-12 days of receiving it (Nb this timeframe may be shorter where the interviews occur late in the interview week). In keeping with other UK government-funded programs the Marshall Commission asks Scholars to give a definitive and final response in this way, so that the Commission can at the earliest opportunity arrange the best and most appropriate graduate program and living accommodation for each Scholar's needs.

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