2017 Scholars F-K

Nancy Fairbank
US University: University of Texas Dallas

Originally from Springfield, Missouri, Nancy Fairbank is a senior majoring in Political Science at the University of Texas at Dallas. Nancy has dedicated her life to understanding and combating homelessness & poverty. Locally, she has worked with a research group at UT-Dallas to create a drug intervention and prevention and prevention program aimed towards homeless youth, which has been implemented in five Dallas schools. Internationally, she has served as an in-country volunteer in organisations in Kenya and Nicaragua and in December 2016 travelled to Thailand, Vietnam and Laos to conduct research comparing international homelessness and poverty policies. She is a McDermott Scholar and is the author of the 2016 Book entitled “Throwaway Youth: Stories of Springfield’s Homeless Teens”, which chronicles the life stories of five homeless youth in her hometown. In the UK, Nancy will pursue a master’s degree in International Development at the University of Birmingham and a master’s degree in social intervention and policy evaluation from the University of Oxford.

Rahfin Faruk
US University: Southern Methodist University

A native of Richardson, TX, Rahfin Faruk earned Bachelor’s degrees from Southern Methodist University, in Economics, Political Science, Public Policy and Religious Studies, graduating summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa (induction as a junior). A President’s Scholar at SMU, Faruk was the editor-in-chief of the university’s daily newspaper and the sole student trustee on its governing board. At SMU, he was also the founder and CEO of a microfinance start-up. He has also presented and published peer-reviewed research in political science. Faruk currently works as a consultant at FSG, a non-profit social impact consultancy. A Truman Scholar, he has previously worked at Grameen Bank, the U.S. Department of State, and McKinsey & Company. As a Marshall Scholar, Faruk will pursue a Master’s Degree in Investment Management at the University of Reading and a Master’s Degree in Comparative Social Policy at the University of Oxford.

Taylor Harwood
US University: St Catherine University

From Springfield, Oregon, Taylor Harwood graduated summa cum laude from St. Catherine University in Minnesota. During her undergraduate study, she earned Phi Beta Kappa honors, wrote for two university publications, and wrote a feature-length screenplay as her capstone for the university honors program. Taylor has studied in Wales and Guatemala. Currently, she is the Interim Executive Director at the Springfield Museum, a history museum in her hometown. Taylor plans to become an archivist to expand access to archive materials and include the stories of all groups of people, especially those who have historically been underrepresented or who have not had their histories recorded through their own voices. She will pursue a World History and Cultures MA at King’s College London and an Archives and Records Management MA at University College London.

William Henagan
US University: University of Virginia

William Henagan is a Jefferson Scholar at the University of Virginia. He completed his undergraduate degree in American History, with a minor in Social Entrepreneurship, over the course of five semesters before serving as a White House Intern with the First Lady's policy team. After leaving the White House, William spent a summer working with the Economic Development Administration in the U.S. Department of Commerce, before returning to UVA to complete his M.S. in Commerce. He is currently a fellow in the UVA Pay for Success Lab, founder of the non-profit Greens to Grounds, and an avid fisherman.

Zachary Hulcher
US University: MIT

Zach Hulcher, a native of Montgomery, Alabama, will graduate from MIT with majors in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Physics with a Mathematics minor. Zach played on the MIT football team and is the Eligibles Chair of MIT’s Tau Beta Pi. He conducted research with the CMS experiment at CERN and with MIT’s Center for Theoretical Physics on analysis and modeling of how CMS measurements can be used to probe Quark-Gluon Plasma, a state of matter connected to the Big Bang. As a Marshall Scholar, he plans to attend the University of Cambridge, researching high energy physics.

Matthew Hurst
US University: University of Colorado Boulder

Matthew Hurst grew up in Lafayette, Colorado, graduating from Centaurus High School in 2013.  He will graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2017 with degrees in Applied Mathematics and Aerospace Engineering.  Matthew has always been interested in space and human spaceflight and dreams to one day to become an astronaut.  Matthew’s current research focuses on exploring the use of approximation methods to improve the efficiency and accuracy of simulating fluid flow.  He plans to attend University College London to pursue a degree in Mathematical Modelling.

 Noam Kantor
US University: Emory University

Noam Kantor, from St. Louis, Missouri, will graduate in 2017 with a joint BS/MS in Mathematics from Emory University. His master's thesis focuses on the relationships between number theory and geometry that pervade modern mathematics, specifically in the field of p-adic geometry. Outside of the classroom, Noam sings in an a cappella group and participates in interfaith dialogue through Emory's Inter-Religious Council. As a Marshall Scholar, Noam plans to obtain an MSc by Research at Oxford to broaden his mathematical skillset before his PhD studies.

Daniel Kinch
US University: Northwestern University

Daniel Kinch is a Colorado native attending Northwestern University as a Murphy Scholar in pursuit of two degrees, a BA in Physics and a BS in Applied Maths. He has conducted research at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and is preparing a senior honours thesis on neutrino oscillations. In addition, Daniel serves as a facilitator for Northwestern’s This We Believe discussion programme, as a subcommittee head for Northwestern University Dance Marathon, and as a youth mentor with the YMCA’s Project SOAR.  Daniel plans to study Mathematical Sciences at Durham University.

Sarah Koch
US University: University of Virginia

A native of Kansas City, MO, and a Jefferson Scholar, Sarah Koch will graduate from the Middle Eastern Language & Literature Distinguished Majors Program at the University of Virginia. Sarah is ranked in the top ten Army ROTC cadets nationally and will commission as a Military Intelligence officer in the US Army in May 2017. She has conducted independent research projects on women’s science education in China and foreign interpreters in the US military. As a Marshall Scholar, she plans to study identity, agency, and aspiration among refugee youth with a focus on the Middle East at the University of Edinburgh.