Scholar Names H-L

Matthew Harsh

US University: Northwestern University

MatthewHarshMatthew Harsh is an enthusiastic technologist with a strong social conscience. He earned a BS in Materials Science Engineering, completing a thesis on ancient African and Indian steels. Active in his extended community, he worked with the White Earth Land Recovery Project and the Buffalo Field Campaign and founded a Native American advocacy student group. It is his aim to formulate technological strategies for sustainable socio-economic development. An American Materials Society Foundation Scholar and a member of several engineering honors societies as well as the Eta Sigma Phi society for the classics, he also enjoys film and music production and digitally composes music.

Ben Heineike

US University: United States Naval Academy

BenHeineikeBen Heineike hails from Lake Tahoe, California. He is currently first in his class at the US Naval Academy with a BS in mathematics and a minor in French. Having experienced life at sea aboard the Coast Guard's tall ship the Eagle, and the USS Arthur W Radford enforcing the UN embargo on Iraq, he will become a Surface Warfare Officer in the Navy. He hopes to bring his mathematical skills to play developing technology and operational procedures in the Navy. Ben has interned at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, and is currently working on numerical simulation of pattern formation in reaction-diffusion equations with application to biological development. A former Life Scout, and an organizer of the USNA student tutoring program, Ben hopes to integrate leadership and teaching with scientific research as he pursues applied mathematics at the University of Cambridge. True to USNA's mission, Ben is determined to unselfishly "assume the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship and government".

Ben Hood

US University: University of Arkansas

BenHoodWith an insatiable appetite for space science, Ben Hood, a physics and computer engineering major, founded the Students for Exploration and Development of Space at the University of Arkansas. He spent his summers working for NASA and helped purchase, install, and automate the university's new Meade Telescope. When not gazing up, Mr Hood works with a variety of organisations on and off the campus creating such annual events as the Hunger Banquet, a program to raise money to alleviate world hunger; the Martin Luther King, Jr Read-In; and the U of A Star Trek convention to raise money for undergraduate space research. He is currently working with Stellar Sun Inc of Little Rock and several students to provide and install solar panels in Native American housing in Arizona.

Daniel Immerwahr

US University: Columbia University

DanielImmerwahr-476228872427dA double major in US history and philosophy at Columbia College, Daniel Immerwahr plans to further his study of history with a second BA at Cambridge. Immerwahr is currently writing two theses: one on cultural politics in Levittown, NY in the 1950s; and the other on the philosophy of history. At Columbia, he helped to found the Undergraduate Philosophy Forum, serves as managing editor of "The Blue and White", co-chairs the Academic Awards Committee, and works as a representative on the History Council. He was also the recipient of the Edwin Robbins Research Fellowship and the Arthur Rose Teaching Fellowship, both through the History Department. Immerwahr hopes to follow his Cambridge education with doctoral studies in US history.

Jacob Jost

US University: Goshen College

JacobJostJacob plans to study English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford. He was born in Columbus, Ohio and has also spent time in the United Kingdom and Germany. He currently attends Goshen College, Indiana, and his interests include reading, travel, history and music (he claims now to own 46 Bob Dylan albums!). In the future, Jacob hopes to combine a teaching career in a college or university with service to society and the church, perhaps through a church service organisation involving development or peacemaking work in the Third World. Jacob has been involved with Christian Peacemaker Teams, has been a delegation member to Hebron (West Bank) and an intern with the Agora Christian Fellowship.

Jennifer Kasten

US University: University of Kentucky

JenniferKastenJennifer grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, where she attended the Lexington Christian Academy. After graduating as a valedictorian and as a National Merit Scholar in 1988, she accepted the Singletary Scholarship to the University of Kentucky, where she majors in French and Biology. Her passion for international health issues took her to Haiti and Nepal, where she delivered babies, diagnosed disease and encountered sometimes violent political opposition. She speaks French, Haitian Creole and a smattering of Nepali; she currently studies Sanskrit and hopes to work in international public health, working to improve conditions in developing countries under the auspices of a group such as the World Health Organization or Mecins Sans Fronties. She plans to study the control of infectious diseases at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Jennifer serves on the Kentucky AIDS Advisory Council, the Kentucky HIV / AIDS Advocacy and Action Group and the editorial board of the Kentucky Kernel, and her paper Differential Salt-Water Transport in Rats is due to be published in the Journal for Experimental Biology in 2002. She is also an enthusiastic pianist, harpsichordist and wind player.

Zachary Kaufman

US University: Yale University

ZachKaufmanZachary Kaufman, of Morgantown, West Virginia, graduated in 2000 with Honors in political science from Yale University, where he was student body president, freshman counselor, and volunteer wrestling coach in New Haven. He also served as co-captain of the wrestling team and was an All-American and Runner-Up National Champion in the National Collegiate Wrestling Association. Since graduation, Zachary has worked for the US State Department and Justice Department on African and Middle Eastern criminal justice issues And has served on solo missions to Rwanda and Nigeria. Zachary is also the Founder and President of the American Friends of the Kigali Public Library, a non-profit organisation that is helping build Rwanda's first public library, and is Board Member and Senior Fellow of Humanity-in-Action, an international human rights organisation that promotes educational and cultural exchange between Europe and the United States. Zachary plans to study an MPhil in International Relations at the University of Oxford.

Katherine King

US University: University of Colorado

KatherineKingKathy King, from Pittsford NY and a student at University of Colorado plans to pursue Masters' degrees in Psychology and Philosophy at Oxford to study the integration of psychology and philosophy in answering questions of consciousness. As a CU Norlin and a Goldwater scholar, Kathy studied biology, psychology and philosophy in order to prepare for a future academic career in Philosophy and as a participant in debates about ethical issues related to the mind. An active member of her community, Kathy has been a national champion and team co-captain with the CU road cycling team. She has also done research on visual cortical development in Molecular biology and on the Zombie argument in philosophy. As a principal founding member of the Undergraduate Academy, an intellectual honours community on the campus, she has established a mentoring program, taught a science class at a local high school, and serves as the lead undergraduate TA for the Boulder campus. Her natural curiosity and enthusiasm will allow her to succeed as both a researcher, a teacher and a voice in public debate about the ethical implications of the nature of the mind.

Abbie Liel

US University: Princeton University

AbbieLielAbbie Liel is from Portland, Oregon, where she graduated from the Catlin Gabel School in 1998. She is now a senior at Princeton University, majoring in civil and environmental engineering, focusing on structures. In addition, she is pursuing a minor in public policy. Outside of the classroom, Abbie plays bassoon in the Princeton University orchestra, is vice president of the Tau Beta Pi engineering honour society, and enjoys outdoor activities. As a Marshall scholar, she plans to study one year of civil engineering and one year of building and urban design at University College London.

Wheaton Little

US University: Haverford College

WheatonLittleRaised in New Hampshire, Wheaton Little has spent much of his life wandering the woods of New England. He graduated from Northfield Mount Hermon School before attending Haverford College, and has spent a year at the University of Melbourne, Australia. A Howard Hughes Medical Institute scholar, he hopes to use his knowledge of biochemistry and organic chemistry to research biochemical mechanisms of fighting viral diseases, and to fostering a scientific community across international borders. A martial arts student since the age of 8, he received a black belt at 14 in Kenpo Karate, and continues to study a range of martial arts styles. He has taught English in China, and ecology and wilderness survival to school children in West Virginia.

Jason Lott

US University: University of Alabama

JasonLottJason Lott will graduate from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a BA in Philosophy and a BS in Mathematics. In addition to pursuing research at UAB in the areas of brain and cognitive science, he has also developed computational models of neural processes at Carnegie Mellon University and N Y University. As a Marshall Scholar, he intends to continue his studies in neuroscience at the University of Oxford. His ultimate aim is to develop treatments for cognitive disorders such as memory loss. During his four years at UAB Jason has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards and scholarships. Volunteering in various community projects is extremely important to Jason and he plans on continuing his volunteer work in the Oxford area.