Dwmdfp8o Rachel Chae

Rachel Chae

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Rachel Chae, from Irvine, California, is currently obtaining a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a Minor in Biomedical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Rachel has interned for the National heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, developing an efficient and robust automated lung segmentation model for low-field MR images, which she presented at the ISMRM Low Field workshop and the ISMRM annual conference. She developed and compared a spectral phasor digital pathology approach to identify and quantify CMHs from Prussian blue-stained brain sections while working with the Beckman Laser Institute at UCI, co-authoring two conference presentations and a Scientific Reports publication. Rachel is a co-director of Hacking Medicine and is currently working at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Mass General Hospital creating optical tissue phantoms mimicking lipid plaques and identified key spectral features using Spectroscopic-OCT processing; of which he work was voted on my her peers and mentors for the People’s Choice Award.

As a Marshall Scholar, Rachel will apply for a place at the University of Oxford and then at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.