Phong Vo

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Born and raised in Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam, and residing in York, Pennsylvania, Võ Tiến Phong is studying physics and mathematics at MIT. Phong’s current research interest is in condensed matter physics, a field in which he has worked on graphene theory, quantum tunneling, superconductivity, and quasicrystals. Outside of the classroom, Phong serves as president of the MIT Buddhist Students Club to promote the Buddhist virtues of mindfulness and compassion. He is also leading a network of Gates Millennium Scholars on the MIT campus. When not busy playing with equations himself, Phong loves sharing what he knows with others through teaching and mentoring, and has taught to varying audiences from middle school students to his MIT colleagues. Phong aspires to become a professor in theoretical physics who also works to improve science education globally.