Mudrak N

Nathan Mudrak

Johns Hopkins University

Nathan Mudrak, from Kent, Ohio, is a recent graduate of Johns Hopkins University with a BSc degree in Molecular Biology and minors in Music and Bioethics as well as a MSc degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Nathan started college at 15 years old at Kent State, receiving a perfect GPA at both Kent State and Johns Hopkins. He has had four peer-reviewed publications after seven consecutive years of research, primarily on cell volume regulation and most recently on his master’s work studying melanization in the fungus Candida auris. Nathan has served all four years at Johns Hopkins on its student government, the latter three as class president, and spoke at his university’s commencement ceremony. Nathan is now working at Akron Children’s Hospital as a research assistant supporting ophthalmology research. He is independently studying Spanish with some exchange partners and is a volunteer for The Trevor Project, a crisis support line for LGBTQ+ youth in crisis. As a Marshall Scholar, Nathan plans to pursue a DPhil degree in Paediatrics at the University of Oxford.