Moss N

Natalie Moss

University of Georgia

Natalie Moss, from Norcross Georgia, is currently finishing her BA degrees in Anthropology and Geology with a Minor in Biology from the University of Georgia. Natalie served as an intern at the Forensic Investigation Research Station in Whitewater Colorado, helping to organize a human remains recovery training program for the FBI ERT, Army CID, and other death professionals. She conducted a validation study that was presented at the American  Academy of Forensic Sciences Conference this year. Natalie is currently doing a research project analyzing strontium rations in teeth taken from individuals burned to death during warfare in a Bronze Age site. She is a collaborator on the Neotoma Faunal Isotope Database and is a volunteer tutor at the Athens-Clark County Correctional Institution through an organization called Athens Prison Tutorial. As a Marshall Scholar, Natalie plans to attend the University of Sheffield for an MSc degree in Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology and then head to the University of Cambridge for her MPhil in Biological Anthropological Science.