Wilkes L

Lauren Wilkes

University of Georgia

Lauren Wilkes, from New Orleans, Louisiana, is currently majoring in Data Science with a Minor in Chinese Language and Literature at the University of Georgia. Lauren has conducted machine learning research on uncertainty quantification and adversarial machine learning. She has interned as a software development intern at Amazon Web Services and the New York City Cyber Command. Lauren has worked with Dr Aleksander Madry at MIT to investigate the use of corrupted data to create adversarial attacks for image classification and with Dr Klaudia Krawiecka at the University of Oxford to help examine the pitfalls of current passport security measures and the performance of biometric authentication data. She is currently working with Rising Academics, a school system in Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Liberia dedicated to providing affordable quality education to under-resourced communities; she is the data and tech lead on Rori, a WhatsApp-based chatbot tutoring system used by over 1000- students in Ghana. As a Marshall Scholar, Lauren plans to pursue an MPhil in Advanced Computer Science and an MPhil in Technology Policy from the University of Cambridge.