Julius Bright Ross

Harvard University

Born in Woodstock, NY, Julius Bright Ross is a senior studying Integrative Biology at Harvard University. Julius is dedicated to conservation. He co-founded the Harvard College Conservation Society, which allows undergraduates the ability to offer their talents to conservation organisations. Through his efforts, they have helped Conservation International with Marine protection efforts in Suriname and are currently assisting the World Wildlife Fund crowd source reports on the effects of climate change in rural communities around the globe. As a 2016 Herchel-Smith Fellow, Julius is currently conducting research for his senior thesis on the effect of supplemental feeding stations (from hunters) and changing snow patterns on row deer habitat selection in the Italian Alps. As a Marshall Scholar, Julius will pursue a DPhil at the University of Oxford, where he hopes to use the experience to accomplish his goal of developing a global network of conservation efforts that rely on a local knowledge-and-engagement approach to biodiversity conservation.