Jacob Miller

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Jacob Miller is a recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where he focused his time and energy on civic engagement and service. He majored in Political Science and English and minored in Leadership and Civic Engagement and Urban Studies. Jacob is a first-generation college student and a graduate of a career and technical high school. He has worked for Opportunity Nation as the Grassroots and Coalition Coordinator, passed state health care legislation, coordinated a capacity building organization SouthCoast Serves, wrote service learning curriculum, opened the university’s first student-run business Jumpin’ Juice, founded the Common Project that focuses on boosting millennial civic engagement, created workforce development programs, started biannual youth civic engagement summits, and has helped register hundreds of people to vote. He also served as an elected student representative to the UMass Board of Trustees.  Jacob will read for an MPhil in Management at the University of Cambridge.