Morgan Bennett Photo

Emma Morgan-Bennett

Swarthmore College

Emma Morgan-Bennett graduated from Swarthmore College where she completed an Honors Major in Medical Anthropology and a minor in Black studies. Her research has focused primarily on reproduction, racial marginalization, and culturally congruent healthcare. Over the past two summers, Emma collected written and visual data for her thesis project on radical doula care as contextualized by the Black Maternal Health Crisis in Austin, Texas. In 2018, Emma was named one of Swarthmore's five Mellon Mays Fellow. During her first year as a Marshall scholar, Emma will further her studies in the relations between race, gender, and film through a MA from Goldsmiths University of London. Outside of the classroom, Emma volunteers her time as a full-spectrum doula, plays volleyball (All-American Honors '19), sings in the band Funk the Patriarchy, and is the co-executive director of Eat At The Table Theatre Company. After her time in the UK, Emma will return to the United States to pursue a career linking together her interests in visual media and public health.