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Sophia (Rosie) Contino

University of Denver

Rosie Contino, a Puksta scholar from Fort Collins, Colorado, graduated from University of Denver in June 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and International Studies. She has published research on sexual health education for individuals with intellectual disabilities in a peer reviewed journal and presented this research at the National Association of School Psychologists annual conference. Rosie has also addressed issues of recidivism in the Denver community through the DU Crime and Safety Cohort. She also provided pro-bono strategy consulting to a burgeoning community association in Ecuador.
She is currently working as a government consultant at Deloitte, designing and optimizing citizen user experience across a state level government interface which impacts 1.7 million citizens annually.
Rosie would like to pursue her PhD in Behavioural Economics, her research will centre on understanding the socio-economic behaviours which build resilient, trusting and prosperous human communities in this increasingly digital world.
As a Marshall Scholar, Rosie will study for an MSc in Behavioural and Economic Science at the University of Warwick, followed by her second year pursuing an MSc in Social Cognition at University College London.