Nagar Headshot

Sarosh Nagar

Harvard University

Sarosh (Northbrook, IL) is a senior at Harvard where he has a perfect record and is dual-concentrating in chemistry and economics with a minor in government. He has amassed an extraordinary record of publication and policy papers, including over 10 peer-reviewed papers as an undergraduate research affiliate at Harvard’s Program on Regulation, Therapeutics and the Law (PORTAL), where his work was cited to inform a WHO treaty and in Congressional hearings regarding drug pricing. His non peer-reviewed work has been published in Newsweek and the Hill. He interned in the CDC’s Global Health Center, served as a Critical and Emerging Technologies Intern at the Office of the Science and Technology Advisor with the US State Department, was a fellow in the Science Policy & Regulation Programme within NICE in the UK, and served as an intern in the Office of Regulatory Affairs at the FDA. He is the co-founder and president of Harvard’s Emerging Technology Group and developed numerous governmental, international and academic collaborations, including presenting before the White House, among many other campus activities and volunteer efforts. Called “firmly among the top 1% of Harvard undergraduates” over the last decade, Sarosh wishes to read for two taught Master’s: one in Innovation, Public Policy and Public Value at University College London, and the second in Global Governance and Diplomacy at the University of Oxford.