Photo Ronald Sullivan III

Ronald (Trey) Sullivan III

Harvard University

Trey, from Newton, Massachusetts, is pursuing his Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Literature from Harvard University, with a language citation in French. Elected to Phi Beta Kappa in his junior year of undergraduate studies, Trey also received the Lucy Allen Paton Prize for excellence in Humanities and the Fine Arts in the same year, which is awarded to a member of Harvard University’s junior and senior classes, respectively, who shows great promise in the fields.

Trey is a founding member and editor for Indigo magazine, the premier black literature and arts publication of Harvard’s undergraduate community. He is a member of the university’s Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship (MMUF) Program, which seeks to promote diversity and emphasises the path to doctoral studies in the humanities and social sciences for talented undergraduates in the fields. Trey has also served as chair of the Politics of Race and Ethnicity (PRE) program at the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics, a program that focuses on the intersection of race, ethnicity and politics, and provides a welcoming space for learning and reflection through discussion.

As a Marshall Scholar, Trey will pursue a PhD in History at the University of Cambridge, and engage in a comparative analysis of labour policies across the French and British Caribbean, as well as the American South, in the aftermath of the abolition of slavery.