Headshot (Richard Allen)

Richard Allen

Harvard University

Richard Allen, from Clarksville, Virginia, graduated from Harvard University with an B.A. in Physics and Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science. Currently, he is working to obtain a PhD in Physics at MIT. At Harvard, Richard conducted published research in quantum error correction, quantum error mitigation, and numerical simulation of superconducting qubits. He worked with the US Department of Energy as well as Google Quantum AI, where as an undergraduate researcher, he helped author two of the group’s publications in Nature, one of the world’s leading science journals. As officer and advisor for HMMT, one of the world’s largest student-run high school math competitions, he co-founded the organization’s Committee on Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging. He also co-founded the Harvard Satellite Team and led their Payload Research Team for three years.

As a Marshall Scholar, Richard will pursue a MSc in Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science at the University of Oxford.