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Olivia Sally

Yale University

Olivia Sally, from Oakland, California, is currently studying Education and Political Science at Yale University. Her achievements include being the youngest commissioner at the oldest municipal civil rights agency in the US, helping develop curriculum for the Connecticut Department of Education, and serving as an intern for Vice President Kamala Harris before joining her Advance Team and traveling the country to help her execute events. Olivia is also a keen rugby player and pageant competitor whose accomplishments include serving as the first woman of color to hold a New England state title in Miss Volunteer America history.

She plans to continue her studies by obtaining an MSc in Child Development and Education at the University of Oxford, followed by a Master of Public Policy. Informed by early hardship and her experience in a majority-minority Title 1 elementary school, her goal is to drive forward early childhood equity by running for office – first for Oakland City Council, and ultimately for Congress.