Greenberg Headshot

Naomi Greenberg

Georgetown University

Naomi Greenberg, an Atlanta, GA native, studies Biology with a minor in Journalism as a Georgetown University student. She is most proud of spearheading the efforts to establish and launch the Science section in her school’s student newspaper. Additionally, she was honored with a prestigious scholarship for her research on the evolution of biased X chromosome inactivation. She currently works as a science writing intern at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, is a teaching assistant for various biology classes, conducts genetic research in the lab she works at, and volunteers as a writer for a National Institute of Health magazine. Outside of the classroom, Naomi enjoys long distance running, completing her first half marathon at 15 years old and her first full marathon at 20. Her motivation to increase science understanding, literacy, and accessibility inspires her long-term goal of becoming a biology professor and researcher. As a Marshall Scholar, she plans to pursue an MSc in Science Communications as well as an MRes in Biology.