Van De Wall Headshot

Martayn Van de Wall

United States Military Academy

Martayn Van de Wall, a native of Mooresville, NC studies International Relations at the United States Military Academy (USMA). He currently serves as the First Captain of the USMA, where he is responsible for leading and inspiring all 4,500 members of the Corps of Cadets. He also serves in leadership positions for a training program and an academic honors society. Additionally, he is a published author in the Defense Studies Journal. As a Marshall Scholar, he intends to study Global Governance and Diplomacy at Oxford University to expand his understanding of institutions and alliances. During his second year in the UK, he will study War Studies from King’s College London to investigate the role of military power in preserving peace around the world. In the long term, he hopes to serve his country in special operations and work to strengthen partnerships with NATO allies.