Madison Brode

Mississippi State University

Madison Brode, of Memphis, TN, studies Biological Sciences with a minor in Environment and Sustainability at Mississippi State University. In alignment with her fascination of birds, she has produced a first author publication on parental investment in wild prothonotary warblers. She is currently conducting an honors thesis research project assessing the social learning of zebra finches, as well as researching the behavioral ecology of cavity-nesting songbirds in the lab where she works. A fun fact about Madison is that she was a competitive baton twirler for 10 years and competed in France as a member of Team USA in 2019. As a Marshall Scholar, she will pursue a MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation at the University of Sheffield. In her second year, she intends to apply for a MPhil in Biological Sciences at the University of Cambridge.  After her studies, she plans to pursue a career in ecology and conservation with a focus on birds.