Headshot (Liza Goldberg)

Liza Goldberg

Stanford University

Liza Goldberg, from Urbana, Maryland, is currently working to obtain their B.S. with Honors in Earth Systems and a minor in Data Science at Stanford University. Liza has been working as an Earth Scientist for NASA since age 14, using satellite technology to inform global deforestation and climate adaptation policy. As a National Geographic Explorer, Liza conceived and led a global capacity building initiative to increase climate literacy among underprivileged youth across developing nations and in 2019, was named the youngest female Google Developer Expert for her work with Google Earth Engine, a cutting-edge satellite analysis tool. She has also been named a Sigma Squared Fellow and a Slavin Family Foundation Fellow.
As a Marshall Scholar, Liza will pursue an MSc in Climate Change and Planetary Health at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and an MSc in Environment and Development at London School of Economics and Political Science.