Dates for the Interviews 2021

The interviews for the 2021 Competition wiill take place in mid November.  Dates will be published closer to the time.

Travel to the Interviews

Marshall Scholarship Travel Policy for Interviews


Candidates must book their flights to the interview through Atlas Travel.  A travel form will need to be completed and emailed to the email address provided.

In order to book candidates must include the code given to them by the Regional Committee in the subject field of the email.

The conditions on these flights are as follows:

  • Candidates will be booked on the cheapest fare available (within reason i.e. not having to make too many stopovers or arriving too late at an airport). 
  • Candidates will not be reimbursed for charges for baggage or extra leg room.
  • If candidates are travelling from outside the US to interview they have to meet their own travel expenses, as stated in para 14 of the 'Rules for candidates.

Any flights not booked through Atlas Travel will not be reimbursed unless this has been pre-approved. 

Other Travel

Candidates may claim for travel to and from airports, where possible shared shuttle services should be used.  Receipts must be produced for reimbursement.

Candidates may claim for travel to and from the hotel to the interviews.  If public transport is available please consider using this. Receipts must be produced for reimbursement.

Candidates may choose to take a train or drive to the interviews and in this case must provide receipts and evidence of the length of the journey. 


One night of hotel accommodation can be claimed if absolutely necessary.  The Regional Committee approve stay and will let the candidate know the process for this.  Receipts must be produced for any hotel stays. 

Hotels should be budget, such as Holiday Inn Express, Comfort Inn etc. and be in safe areas. Please confirm locations of hotels with regional contacts.

Candidates cannot claim for food.


Candidates should mail a statement of any claimable expenses, as outlined above together with all of the receipts (credit card receipts are not accepted) and checking account details to the Embassy or Consulate where they interviewed. The Embassy or Consulate will reimburse the candidate through electronic deposit.  Please note if the candidate does not have receipts claims will not be reimbursed.