New College, Oxford


This Scholarship is for Graduate Study in any subject at either Masters or Doctoral level at New College, University of Oxford and will be for two years (with a possibility of a third year for doctoral studies). If awarded an New College Marshall Scholarship candidates would be expected to study at New College, Oxford only.

The following information is from the New College website:

New College is one of the largest Oxford colleges, with some 400 undergraduates and nearly 200 graduates. It is, like all Oxford colleges, an autonomous, self-governing institution.

The governing body consists of the Warden (the head of the College) and Fellows, with both undergraduate and graduate students represented. Most Fellows of the College are both College Tutors and University Lecturers in the subjects which are taught here. Others are University Professors and Junior Research Fellows who do not engage in tutorial teaching. They take part in the intellectual life of the College however, and their presence is particularly valuable for many of our graduate students.

The College occupies a very attractive site near the centre of Oxford. The front quadrangle, dining hall, chapel and cloisters were built within a few years of the College's foundation; this was the first time that an entire scheme had been built in this way, and it formed a model for later colleges. Over the centuries some reconstruction and much new building has taken place. In the 19th century there was a great expansion of rooms for undergraduate students, and in the 1960s a new building for graduate students was added to the main site. More recently, the original Morris Garages, which are within the College's perimeter, have been converted to provide attractive undergraduate accommodation. In 1995 a new residential building for graduates was opened on the Sports Ground site, five minutes walk from the main College.

New College is, of course, first and foremost an intellectual community. Most Fellows are engaged in academic research as well as teaching, and many of them are world experts in their subject. The College is a place in which staff and students alike engage in a lively exchange of ideas which encompasses a vast range of subjects. For all members of New College the experience of discussion, not only with specialists in one's own field but also with experts in very different disciplines is an exciting and enriching one.

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Winners of the New College Marshall Scholarships


Tildon 'Grant' Belgard
US University: Rice University

TildonBelgardT. Grant Belgard, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, graduates in May 2008 with a B.S. in biophysics, chemistry, and chemical physics and a B.A. in biochemistry and cell biology. While at Rice, he synthesized and characterized a novel class of nanomaterials. Grant has had a variety of experiences: supervising an equestrian center, volunteering in emergency services, working for the FBI, and serving as a live-in mentor, tutor, and foster parent to sixteen talented children from disadvantaged backgrounds. At the University of Oxford, Grant will tackle problems in biophysics.

Emma Kaufman
US University: Columbia University

EmmaKaufmanRaised in Carlisle, PA, Emma Kaufman will graduate from Columbia University with degrees in Philosophy and Gender Studies. Emma serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism, founded a volunteer program in Harlem, and competed on the nationally-ranked mock trial team. Committed to exploring the relationship between gender and justice, she has worked at the Legal Aid Society, Brooklyn District Attorney's Office, SIECUS, and Planned Parenthood. A 2007 Guggenheim Fellow, Emma interviews inmates and advocates for prison reform with the Correctional Association of New York. She will read for an M.Phil in Criminology at the University of Oxford.


Kyle Mahowald
US University: Harvard University

KyleMahowaldFrom sunny Fort Lauderdale, FL, Kyle Mahowald will graduate Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in English from not-so-sunny Harvard University. He will then study linguistics at the even less sunny University of Oxford. Until his record was broken, Kyle was the youngest person to have a crossword published in the Sunday New York Times. Nonetheless, he has written many puzzles for both the Times and other publications. Besides arranging words in grids, Kyle also sometimes arranges them linearly, like when he used a Harvard College Research Fellowship to write an article that undertakes a reading of Chaucer through Derrida's theory of the gift. When not playing with or on words, Kyle enjoys playing most sports.


Jeremy Goodman
US University: Brown University

JeremyGoodmanJeremy Goodman, a native of Bethesda, Maryland, will graduate from Brown with degrees in philosophy, cognitive neuroscience, and physics. He will study philosophy at Oxford. His philosophical research has focused on the mind-body problem, but he is also interested in metaphysics, epistemology, meta-ethics, and the philosophies of David Hume and David Lewis. He has conducted cognitive neuroscience research at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, where he used a variety of brain scans to investigate the neurophysiology of language in normal and epileptic populations. Jeremy is passionate about jazz.

Michael Wilkerson
US University: Stanford University

MichaelWilkersonA native of Denver, Colorado, Michael Wilkerson graduated in 2009 from Stanford University. He earned a B.A. in Political Science with departmental honors, university distinction and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. A columnist at the Stanford Daily, he also worked as a journalist in Uganda at local publications The Daily Monitor and The Independent. In Washington D.C., Michael has interned at the Millennium Challenge Corporation, World Politics Review and Foreign Policy magazine. A current Fulbright Scholar in Uganda, Michael is working with local journalists and researchers to study how the press influences government decisions. He will pursue an M.Phil. in Politics at Oxford, focusing on comparative government.


Nicolas Altemose
US University: Duke University

NickaltemosesmallA native of Temecula, California, Nicolas Altemose will graduate from Duke University with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. An A.B. Duke Scholar, Goldwater Scholar, and Gilliam Fellow, Nick has spent over three years characterizing DNA sequences that were excluded from the Human Genome Project's sequencing effort, including sequences potentially associated with multiple sclerosis susceptibility. Outside of the lab, Nick's interests include science education, LGBT activism, photography, Tesla coiling, mycology, and computer music. Nick will conduct research in bioinformatics at the University of Oxford, and he aspires to become an academic scientist.

Matthew Jones
US University: University of Chicago

MatthewjonessmallMatthew Jones graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Chicago in June with honors in the Biological Sciences. Over the past two years, Matt has researched genetic pathways in leukaemia and lymphoma under the supervision of Dr. Janet Rowley. Matt has also published research on RNA splicing in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, as well as worked at the Genome Center at Washington University in his hometown of St. Louis, MO. Outside the lab, he enjoys volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, playing ultimate Frisbee, and studying German literature. At Oxford, Matt plans to pursue a DPhil in medical oncology.


Miles Taylor
US University: Indiana University

Miles Taylor

Born and raised in Indiana, Miles Taylor studied political science and global security at Indiana University. He is a Truman Scholar and currently works on the House Appropriations Committee, where he has been part of historic efforts to cut government spending. Miles is also co-founder and senior editor at He served as one of the youngest presidential appointees in the Bush Administration and has focused on national security and human freedom while at the White House, Pentagon, Department of Homeland Security, and several think tanks. Miles plans to study international relations at Oxford.