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This Scholarship is for Graduate Study in any subject at either Masters or Doctoral level at the University of Bristol and will be for up to two years (with a possibility of a third year for doctoral studies). If awarded a Bristol Marshall Scholarship candidates would be expected to study at the University of Bristol.

The following information has been provided by the University of Bristol:

The University of Bristol, founded in 1909, is now well established as a world-class university with centres of excellence spanning the whole range of disciplines. It is a member of the UK's Russell Group of leading research universities and of the Worldwide Universities Network. Bristol is a research-intensive university, supporting both individual scholarship and interdisciplinary or thematic research of the highest quality. 93% of research carried out at the University is recognised as being of international standard.

The University has 14,000 undergraduate and 5,800 postgraduate students (3,500 taught and 2,300 research). The demand for places on the University's taught programmes is very strong, reflecting the University's outstanding reputation and achievements and the supportive environment it offers. The University's teaching and research fit strongly together, and the quality of the University's teaching has been independently judged as excellent. As well as a wide range of taught postgraduate opportunities, the University offers PhD opportunities through a set of professional Doctoral Training Centres and a new Bristol Doctoral Centre, ensuring all PhD candidates receive both academic and professional support in their careers.

There are over 3,500 students from outside the UK at Bristol, and over a half of postgraduate students are international. The University values the educational and social benefits that a diverse body of students brings, and guarantees to provide all international students with accommodation in their first year.

The University is located in the central part of Bristol, the largest city in the south west of England, a thriving business and cultural centre, and a beautiful and enjoyable place to live. Bristol is surrounded by attractive countryside, and within easy reach of London and other major cultural and academic centres in the UK. Bristol International Airport provides an easy and low-cost link to Europe, giving access to a wealth of opportunities for investigation of new countries, new cities and new cultural experiences.

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The City of Bristol

As well as boasting an exceptional university, Bristol is also one of the best places to live in the UK.

Crowned European Green Capital for 2015 Bristol has also won plaudits in the national press. The Sunday Times’ Best Places to Live in Britain, published in March 2014, named Bristol as the ‘best city in the UK to live in’ which followed the Daily Telegraph’s October 2013 article which had done the same.

Click here to find out more about our wonderful city including Culture and the Arts, festivals, nightlife, green city, shopping and sports or click here to explore the city through the eyes of some of our students.

In her blog, Creative Boom, Katy Cowan fully explains how creativity comes to life throughout this city; and charming Texan blogger, Sara Rose Davis, describes in her blog how she has "fallen in love with everything about Bristol."

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There has recently been a great number of creative videos produced by people wanting to show off the beauty of Bristol.

A new time-lapse video, ‘Welcome to Bristol‘ has been published by Jamie Brightmore. Jamie worked on the project in his spare time over the course of a year, it features over 100 locations from around the city and has around a massive 9000 separate images combined to make the six minute showcase of Bristol. It’s a truly stunning piece of work which perfectly captures the beauty of our wonderful city.

In January 2012 Visit Bristol posted ‘Discover Bristol‘ and in August 2013 Spanish film-maker Moises Perez treated us to his video ‘Bristol: a charming city.’

History of Bristol

Bristol is  the British city most closely identified with the ocean, and as the radical capital of England. In the former guise it was the place from which John Cabot set sail to discover North America for the Old World, and which inspired Daniel Defoe to write "Robinson Crusoe", Jonathan Swift to write "Gulliver's Travels", Samuel Coleridge to write 'The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner', and Robert Louis Stevenson to write "Treasure Island". In the latter, it has been for over half a millennium a centre for nonconformist religious movements, including Lollards, Protestants, Baptists and Quakers, and was the city in Britain which broke out in the most serious rioting when Parliament at first refused to pass the Great Reform Act.

John Cabot (Zuan Caboto) was an Italian-born explorer who, in attempting to find a direct route to Asia, became the first early modern European to discover North America. Cabot is thought to have been born in Genoa, from a Venetian family. In around 1495 he moved to England, settling in the port of Bristol. In May 1497, with the support of the English king Henry VII, Cabot sailed west from Bristol on the Matthew in the hope of finding new lands and an alternative route to Asia. On 24 June, he sighted land and called it New-found-land.

Bristol's top 10 links to American history

There are many connections between Bristol, England and America that may surprise visitors from abroad. From exciting voyages on the high seas, religious ties and even the naming of America—Bristol has some interesting truths to tickle your fancy. For a taste of the States in Bristol, here are the top 10 highlights:

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Bristol Marshall Scholars


VadheimBryan Vadheim

US University: Montana State University, Bozeman

MSc Climate Change Science and Policy (2nd year)



Jacob Wellman

Jacob Wellman

US University: University of New Mexica

MRes Environment, Energy and Resilience (2nd Year)



Christopher Birmingham

US University: Gonzaga University

PhD Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Jacob Calvert

US University: University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign

MSc Mathematical Sciences

Felipe Hernández

US University: University of California, Irvine

MSc Education (Policy & International Development)