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2024 Marshall Medal Recipient Lisa DeNell Cook

The Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission 19 Jun 2024

As a trailblazing economist whose Marshall Scholarship experience in the United Kingdom helped to shape her professional trajectory, and whose intellectual contributions have advanced our understanding of economic growth and innovation, and in recognition of her distinguished public service, the Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission is delighted to award Governor Lisa Cook with a 2024 Marshall Medal.

This year’s Marshall Medals recognize the 70th anniversary of the Marshall Scholarship programme, which was created by the UK government in gratitude for the Marshall Plan – the United States’ economic aid in the wake of World War II. It honours the architect of the economic recovery programme, US Army General and Secretary of State George C Marshall. The first class of Marshall Scholars arrived in the UK in 1954, 70 years ago.

The Marshall Medal is awarded to people of outstanding achievement whose contribution to British-American understanding, distinguished role in public life, or creative energy, reflect the legacy of George C Marshall.  It is awarded on significant anniversaries of the Scholarship or the Marshall Plan, to both former Marshall Scholars and other distinguished recipients.

Past awardees include US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer and former US Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright and Colin Powell, among others. A full list of recipients is available here [link to]