One Year Marshall Scholarships

Up to fifty Marshall Scholarships will be awarded in 2019. Of these up to eight Scholarships will be for one year only.

The one year Marshall Scholarship is aimed at applicants who wish to study in the UK, but have strong reasons that would mean a one year Scholarship would work better for them than the traditional two year Marshall Scholarship.

To be eligible for the one year Scholarship applicants must have a clear post-scholarship plan. This should demonstrate what the applicant plans to do immediately after the Marshall Scholarship and why one year spent in the UK would enhance these plans. This could be employment or further study. If the plan is for further study the candidates should demonstrate that they have already applied for law school, medical school or a PhD and would be able to defer entry for one year in order to take up the Marshall Scholarship.

The one year Marshall Scholarship will be tenable for 12 months and it will not be possible to extend this Scholarship beyond this period. It is a condition of the award that Marshall Scholars must proceed to a degree that can be completed within the 12 months and so it will not be possible to use this Scholarship for research which does not lead to a degree in the UK.

One year Marshall Scholarship candidates must be registered for degrees that are 12 months in duration. Courses that run for 10 months or less, ie where the course ends before August will not be funded on the one year Scholarship.

It should be noted that one year Marshall Scholars may only spend 30 days outside the UK during their tenure, this means it is not possible to interview for graduate programmes in the US during this period.

The application form for the one year Marshall Scholarship is different from the application for the two year Marshall Scholarship and candidates will be asked to identify which Scholarship they wish to apply for when registering for the online application. Please note that candidates are only allowed to apply for either the one year or the two year Marshall Scholarship. Any candidate found applying for both will automatically be disqualified.