Criteria: Ambassadorial Potential

1. Knowledge of US/UK Relations. Is there evidence that the candidate
understands the general US/UK relationship, as well as specific aspects of this relationship that are pertinent to his or her field of study? Is the candidate aware of opportunities for on-going relationships with UK counterparts?

2. Evidence of Transferable Extra-curricular Activities. What extracurricular
activities has the candidate undertaken that could be put to use in the UK to meet the Marshall Scholarships' objective of gaining a greater understanding and appreciation of contemporary Britain?

3. Interpersonal Skills and Ability to Engage with Others. Does the candidate
have a track record of proactively and enthusiastically building productive relationships with people outside his or her peer group, particularly when engaging with them in his/her field of expertise. Does the candidate appreciate the needs, motives and concerns of others?

4. Self-confidence and ability to Seize Opportunities. How has the candidate
responded to opportunities and what was the result?