Tanya Goldhaber, 2010 Scholar, Pembroke College, Cambridge

Tanya GoldhaberWhen I arrived in Cambridge for the first time, I was taken aback by how breathtakingly beautiful it was. A year later, I still can't believe how lucky I am to live here. Aside from sight-seeing, Cambridge has provided many wonderful and exciting experiences: unending series of concerts and plays, evensong in ancient chapels, punting on the river Cam, dinner at high table with the fellows at my college, and of course May Balls and summer garden parties. I'm a year into my PhD in engineering, and the graduate programmes here are challenging in ways I never expected. PhD students in the UK are given much more independence and freedom, but that comes with a great deal of responsibility and requires a decent amount of self-motivation. Nonetheless, I'm excited about my research and love my programme. In addition, my college has provided me with a close group of friends who are some of the most interesting, intelligent, and engaging people I've ever met.