Ruth Ezra, 2010 Scholar, Courtauld Institute of Art and Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Ruth EzraWhen you study art history in London, instruction extends far beyond the seminar table. At the Courtauld ‘going to class’ often meant spending a morning at the British Museum comparing the print-making techniques of the Old Masters or passing an afternoon looking at paintings in the Dutch rooms of the National Gallery. For my MA dissertation, I chose to write about works from London collections, and the many opportunities I had to study the objects firsthand proved invaluable. What’s more, London’s vibrant art world offers much in the way of cultural programming after hours and on weekends. My primary extracurricular activity quickly became working out – by which I mean building up my ‘museum legs’, of course. In a city with so many accessible resources, there’s truly no rest for the art historian, a point my Courtauld friends demonstrated all too well when they came to a Cold-War-themed Marshall party as Anthony Blunt’s entourage!