Madalyn Parnas, 2012 Scholar, Royal Academy of Music

madalynparnasWhat a thrill and blessing it has been to be a musician living in London!  I can hardly keep track of how many unforgettable concerts I have heard, how many exciting projects I have been a part of, and most importantly, how many extraordinary artists I have met along the way.   From music education to contemporary music to solo opportunities, I have been immersed in the richest, most vibrant environment I’ve experienced to date.  But it doesn’t end there; outside of the practice room, I’ve been to the English National Ballet, the British Museum, seen the Messiah performed at Royal Albert Hall at Christmastime, taken dance lessons, played tennis matches, and my personal favorite, strolled in beautiful parks that provide my dose of trees and grass.  But what my musical and extracurricular experiences share is that they have led to a new perspective, a fresh view of what the US looks like from the eyes of Europe; this is an invaluable type of growth I will carry with me for a lifetime!