Kendyl Crawley Crawford, 2012 Scholar, UCL

kendylcrawleycrawfordMy experience in London has been wonderful. London is teeming with culture especially evident in the many museums and theaters. Since I’ve been here, I’ve developed many wonderful relationships with Filipinos, Canadians, New Zealanders and Indians, but that’s just to name a few of the nationalities that I’ve met. London’s diversity is truly representative of the whole world. The locals that I’ve encountered have been welcoming and working with my classmates has been great because our mutual passion for the interplay between environment and society often triggers a marvelous positive feedback loop delivering discussions, lively debates and the occasional dose of optimism. In terms of academics, UCL, which recently overtook Oxford in the QS 2012/13 World University Rankings, has proven to be a wonderful and challenging institution. Being in the UK has allowed me to gain an invaluable global perspective both on my field and on wider issues as well.