Tracy Williams

Tracy Williams, 2004 Scholar, University of Aberystwyth and University of Sussex


My first year on the Marshall Scholarship was spent in a small town on the western coast of Wales called Aberystwyth. I studied international history in this beautiful, secluded, pub-ridden seaside location that is surprisingly cosmopolitan and filled with students from all over the world. Though there were times where I missed the comforts of the city, living in Aberystwyth was a unique and wonderful experience which I was completely happy with. From being part of a Welsh folkdancing group to watching rugby with some of the most avid fans in the world, I got a real feel for the Welsh identity and culture. Studying at this top-rated International Politics department in the UK was also a great experience through which I got to look at the world--and especially the United States--through entirely new academic and theoretical perspectives in a setting of dedicated students and impressive faculty members.