Tamara Broderick

Tamara Broderick, 2007 Scholar, St John's College, Cambridge

broderickWhen I first arrived at St. John's College, Cambridge to study for Part III of the Mathematical Tripos, I promised myself to never lose my sense of wonder at the beauty in the UK. Luckily, the stunning architecture, slowly winding local river, and rolling farmland of Cambridge make this an easy promise to keep. Nonetheless, I'm disappointed that it took me a whole year to discover the Scottish highlands firsthand; don't let this happen to you! After three terms of intense, but rewarding, study with my mathematician peers from across the world, a two-week backpacking trip capped a perfect ending to my year. I can hardly do justice in this description to a varied landscape of rugged, jutting hills; dense, dark forests; thick gorse; and long, lazy lakes. But I'm thrilled to be conducting research within easy reach of such a place.