Lee Pearson

Lee Pearson, 2008 Scholar, University of Edinburgh and Jesus College, Cambridge

lee_pearsonThe MSc in Ecological Economics at University of Edinburgh has been enjoyable as well as intellectually fulfilling. With international talks on climate change and increased environmental awareness, the study content has proved timely as well. I have enjoyed the study of economics (more than I ever did engineering) from basic neoclassical theory, to environmental valuation and some of the critiques espoused by ecological economists. 

Outside the classroom, I was involved with the international student society on a trip to the highlands earlier in the year; I was amazed by the rugged beauty of Scotland. I also have been playing pickup games of football/soccer with course mates, went to my first rugby game (Scotland beat Italy!), and am gradually improving my golf game with friends on the free course in the middle of The Meadows. 

I am very much looking forward to studying at Jesus College, Cambridge next year.