Judd Kennedy

Judd Kennedy, 2008 Scholar, SOAS and University of St Andrews

judd_kennedyAfter completing my MA degree as one of four Americans in an 'international studies and diplomacy' program comprised of 95 students from over 30 countries, my conception of international relations has been irrevocably transformed. Students and professors at SOAS not only bring a diverse set of backgrounds to the classroom, but generate an entirely different set of questions and theoretical inquiries from their American counterparts. While it took time to adjust to the British framework, I now relish my self-sufficiency and have been compelled to re-think my US-centric understanding of world politics. Outside of class, I interned at the Royal Institute for International Affairs, worked in a music PR firm, played guitar in a Christian fellowship, joined a rock climbing club, and took weekly tango lessons. Most importantly, the cosmopolitan milieu of London allowed me to explore every imaginable cultural or musical venue, eat every conceivable ethnic food (for cheap), and make a group of lifelong British and international friends.