Joe Wells, 2004 Scholar, University of Birmingham and King's College London

bowlAfter graduating the infantry officer basic course in Sep 04, I moved to the UK to complete two years of postgraduate education. I spent the first year studying International Peacekeeping at the University of Birmingham and then moved to London to study Conflict, Security, and Development at King's College.

While in Birmingham (pronounce Buhrmingum), I was fortunate to experience academic as well as athletic challenges. Academically, I was challenged to conceptualize issues of war and peace from a world perspective - much broader than the standard American debate between realism and liberalism. However, I was able to share an American perspective with my peers as I wrote on global political issues for "The Redbrick," the school newspaper. Additionally, I served as defensive captain for the Birmingham Lions, an American football team. We went undefeated (13-0) on our way to the National Collegiate Championship.

Living in central London is significantly different than my campus experience in Birmingham. I am taking advantage of London's museums, culture, and nightlife. I am please with my academic program and am engaging difficult issues with some of the biggest heavy weights in my area of study. After completing my dissertation on humanitarian-military relations, I will attend Ranger school in Aug 06.