Third Year Funding Partnership Marshall Scholarships


A Marshall Scholar can apply undertake a Doctorate programme from the beginning of their award. The proviso is that should the Scholar decide not to complete the doctorate or failed to get third year funding, they would need to complete a lower research degree within the two years. Marshall Scholarships may be extended by the Commission for doctoral study, though not beyond the end of a third academic year. Third-year extensions are granted by the Commission on a limited basis, for strong academic reasons, subject to the availability of funds. Please note that third year funding is NOT guaranteed.

The following Universities offer partnership Scholarships for third year funding:

  • Oxford Marshall Scholarships: up to three third-year extensions may be granted by the University of Oxford to those pursuing a doctorate at Oxford.

NB Marshall Scholars attending any university in the UK, not just the partners listed above, can apply for third year funding from the Marshall Commission.