2018 Scholars L-M

Joshua Lappen

US University: Stanford University

Josh Lappen, a lifelong Southern Californian, will graduate from Stanford University with a BA in Classics and an MS in Atmosphere/Energy Engineering. He has pursued his intersecting interests in climate politics, energy engineering, and environmental history through internships in the Department of the Interior and the California State Senate, and through research on electrical grid regionalization, carbon-pricing policy, and subnational participation in international climate negotiations. In tandem with his academic work, Josh has been a leading campus climate activist, and has covered the COP21 climate negotiations in Paris and the coal transition in the rural American West through both freelance and grant-supported journalism. Outside of his studies, he is an avid backpacker and SCUBA diver. As a Marshall Scholar, Josh plans to pursue an MSt in American History with a focus on American coal and water development in the 20th century.

Atilla Latif

US University: University of Virginia

A native of Hagerstown, Maryland, Attiya Latif is a Jefferson Scholar in her fourth year of study at the University of Virginia, where she majors in Political and Social Thought and plans to write a thesis on gender equity in Islamic theology. Attiya is a TEDx speaker on women's rights and the hijab, as well as a contributor to the Huffington Post. A passionate activist, Attiya was the Chair of the Minority Rights Coalition, the Chair and Founder of World Hijab Day at UVA, and the Chair of Eliminate the Hate, a campaign that she spearheaded in order to combat the rise in hate crimes at UVA. Attiya is currently the Student Director of UVA’s Multicultural Student Center, and is also a Truman Scholar. She was also honored by the University of Virginia as a recipient of the John T. Casteen III Award for excellence in leadership, inclusion, and advocacy for diversity. Last summer, Attiya worked as a legal and policy intern for KARAMAH, an NGO for Muslim women’s rights. There, she worked on cases of domestic violence, wrote policy briefs to the DOJ about hate crimes against Muslim women, and researched female genital mutilation in the United States. She has also received a Harrison Grant to engage in novel research on intersectional advocacy in cases of discrimination against Muslim women. Next year, Attiya will pursue an MSt in Women’s Studies at the University of Oxford and an MSc in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

Abby Lemert

US University: Purdue University

Abby Lemert is from Fort Wayne, Indiana.  She will graduate Phi Beta Kappa from Purdue University, with a degree in Global Security Engineering. At Purdue, she is a Beering Scholar, a leader in the Purdue Cru movement, and a founding member of Purdue Immigrant Allies. Through internships with Booz Allen Hamilton, the National Security Agency, National Defense University, and the Department of State, Abby has developed a concern for the ways surveillance technology could be misused by authoritarian regimes to suppress dissent or abuse human rights. Abby hopes to become an international lawyer to help establish international laws and norms protecting all persons’ fundamental freedoms in cyberspace. As a Marshall Scholar, she will pursue an MSc in Informatics from the University of Edinburgh and an MA in Intelligence & International Security from King’s College London.

Antonio Lopez

US University: Duke University

Antonio Lopez received his bachelors in Global Cultural Studies and African and African-American Studies at Duke University. He is the winner of the 2017 Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference Poetry Award, as well as the recipient of the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley’s Lucille Clifton Memorial Scholarship. His nonfiction has been featured in TeenInk, PEN/America and his poetry is present or forthcoming in Hayden’s Ferry Review, Cosmonauts Avenue, storySouth, Grist, La Bloga, Acentos Review, Sinking City, By&By, Permafrost, Track//Four, the American Journal of Poetry, and others. He is currently pursuing a Master in Fine Arts (poetry) at Rutgers University-Newark.

John Lu

US University: Duke University

John Lu, from Whippany, New Jersey, will graduate from Duke University with majors in chemistry and mathematics and a minor in biology. He is particularly interested in a class of infections known as neglected tropical diseases, which trap over 1 billion people in a cycle of poverty. John has taught a course on, studied the interventions against, and researched the biochemical bases of several infectious diseases. In the UK, John plans to study health policy at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and research the structural basis of viral fusion at the University of Cambridge.

Erika Lynn-Green

US University: Yale University

Erika Lynn-Green is a pre-med English major at Yale University, raised in Orange County, CA. Her interests lie in bioethics, disparities in health and healthcare, and health policy, which she pursues in part through her work on non-communicable diseases at Yale's Equity Research and Innovation Center. Her literary interests center on pseudo-empirical constructions of racialized bodies in the long eighteenth century. As advocacy chair of the Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project, Erika launched the founding team for a Yale-student-run youth shelter in New Haven. She loves to sing and has been a member of the Yale Glee Club for four years, this year as president. Erika was elected to Phi Beta Kappa as a junior. She will pursue degrees in Global Health Systems Theory and Policy as well as Development and Global Health at Queen Mary, University of London.

Annee Lyons

US University: Georgetown University

Annee Lyons, from Mount Airy, Maryland, studied Classics and Film & Media Studies at Georgetown University. She has spent summers in Athens researching the role of women in ancient Greek religion and on archaeological digs in Bulgaria and Macedonia. She has also worked with faculty on a feature-length documentary about Georgetown’s history of slavery.  She has served as an orientation coordinator for low income and first generation college students. Annee is a 2017 Beinecke Scholar and a DJ for Georgetown’s student radio station. She will attend Oxford University to pursue an MPhil in Greek and Roman History researching marginalized histories and numismatics.

Victoria Maloch

US University: University of Arkansas

Victoria Maloch graduated summa cum laude from the University of Arkansas with a BSA in Agricultural Business. She is a former White House intern where she worked on rural policy in the Obama administration, has participated in community development in Belize and Mozambique, and served as a national officer for the largest youth-led organization in the US, the National FFA Organization. Currently, she is a Truman-Albright Fellow in the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy.