Scholars names h-m

Keith Hawkins

US University: Ohio University

Hawkins-5111109c41e1aKeith Hawkins, an Ohio native, will graduate from Ohio University's Honors Tutorial College with a B.S. in astrophysics and minors in Mathematics and African Studies. Keith, a John Templeton and Goldwater Scholar, studies a variety of topics in stellar astrophysics. He has co-authored three publications and has given more than 15 presentations on astronomy nationally. Outside of Astronomy, Keith is a student mentor, an avid biker, and a social activist. At the University of Cambridge, he will pursue a PhD in Astronomy and eventually, become an astrophysics professor doing ground-breaking research and inspiring the next generation of scientists.

Kenneth Hoehn

US University: Duke University

HoehnKenneth Hoehn hails from Canton, Georgia, and is currently studying Biology at Duke University. His research interests over the past three years have included the mating behavior of fruit flies, chromosomal inversions, the evolutionary effects of nonsense mutations, sex-determining genes of coffin flies, and developing new techniques to study mass extinctions using fossil data. Ken is the current president of the Duke Secular Alliance, serves as a teaching assistant for a computational genomics class, and teaches a house course on bioinformatics; he is an A.B. Duke, Goldwater, and Byrd scholar who plans to pursue genomics research at the University of Oxford.

Shea Houlihan

US University: Georgetown University


Shea Houlihan graduates Phi Beta Kappa with training in economics and politics from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Originally from El Paso, Texas, Shea develops evaluation methodology in public policy using research techniques from behavioral economics, data science, and evidence-based social intervention. To that end, he works as a data scientist and directs a US-based social innovation charity. Previously Shea has conducted economic and political research in a number of domains including: experimental economics at Georgetown University; forced-migration policy among international organizations such as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees; and U.S. foreign policy at The National Interest. He has also worked on development projects in Uganda, Tanzania, and Zambia. Shea has coauthored several peer-reviewed papers and book chapters in addition to presenting at multiple conferences. He studies at the University of Sussex and will earn a doctorate in Social Intervention at the University of Oxford.

Hillary Hurd

US University: University of Virginia

HurdHillary Hurd, of Richmond, Virginia, will graduate from the University of Virginia with a dual degree in "Russian and East European Studies" and "Politics Honors" - an intensive, six-person tutorial program. A devout student of international relations, she has worked for Foreign Policy Magazine and serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Wilson Journal of International Affairs. Hillary is the student member of the University's Board of Visitors and her honors include Dean's List, the Raven Society, and the 2013 "Virginia Legend" award. Conversant in Spanish, Russian, French, and German, Hillary hopes to further her study of language and deepen her understanding of post-conflict rehabilitation in the UK. She will pursue master's degrees in International Relations and Politics at Cambridge and Peace and Conflict Studies at St. Andrews.

Dillon Liu

US University: Columbia University

LiuDillon Liu, a native of Summit, New Jersey, will graduate from Columbia University in May 2013 with a degree in applied physics. Through his research he has studied magnetic semiconductors for spintronics at LSU, magnetic reconnection in laboratory plasmas at Los Alamos, and entanglement in topological phases at UCLA. His research was supported by the National Science Foundation through REUs and by the Department of Energy with a National Undergraduate Fellowship. Dillon is involved on campus at Columbia as a community adviser and as a teaching assistant for Physics and Mathematics, including undergraduate quantum mechanics and introductory cryptography courses. In his spare time, he enjoys watching the New York Knicks, trying new foods, and lifting weights. Dillon will study for a DPhil in theoretical condensed matter physics at Oxford.

Jessica Mason

US University: New York University

MasonJessica Ann Mason double majored in Social Work and History at New York University. She was a Reynolds Scholar in Social Entrepreneurship, and won the Ashoka/Youth Venture "Be a Changemaker" challenge; both awards recognized her work with homeless youth. After graduating as NYU's valedictorian, Mason directed relief efforts for an organization in Haiti. She currently works at YouTube, concentrating on communications for 'YouTube for Good,' a team that builds tools to support nonprofits, education, and free expression. As a Marshall Scholar, she plans to study Politics at the London School of Economics and Internet policy at Oxford.

Jennifer Mills

US University: Northwestern University

MillsJennifer will graduate Phi Beta Kappa from Northwestern University with degrees in Earth Science, Chemistry, and Integrated Science. A Goldwater and Hollings Scholar, Jennifer has devoted her academic career to environmental research, synthesizing novel materials for CO2 sequestration and studying the evolution of geochemical cycles during past periods of climate unrest. As a freshman, Jennifer cofounded and captained Northwestern's first undergraduate NASA microgravity team. She enjoys vegetarian cooking, science outreach, playing basketball, and hiking whenever she gets the chance. Jennifer plans to study Earth Science at Cambridge and Global Environment and Climate Change Law at the University of Edinburgh.

Nicolas Montano

US University: City University of New York - John Jay College of Criminal Justice

MontanoNicolas Montano will graduate in May with a degree in Psychology of Juvenile Delinquency and International Criminology. His research at John Jay College has focused on exposure to violence and aggression in adolescents, gender based warfare violence, and community perception of juvenile delinquency. He has worked with at risk youth in the South Bronx and interned with Common Justice, a Vera Institute of Justice Demonstration Project in Brooklyn. Nicolas has also done extensive work with Latino youth in New York through educational initiatives and volunteer programs. His interests include social policy, documentary filmmaking, photography, and Latin American literature.