Scholar Names F-J

Anna Feuer

US University: Columbia University

AnnafeuerAnna Feuer, from Los Angeles, will graduate Phi Beta Kappa from Columbia University with a BA in English. Anna's academic work focuses on colonial and postcolonial literature and history. She studies Hindi and Urdu and spent a semester abroad in Hyderabad, India. As a Richmond B. Williams Fellow, she traveled to Dublin, Ireland to study the literary relationship of Ireland and India in the early 20th century. Anna edits the Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism and writes for Columbia's weekly magazine. She plans to read for an MSt in Global and Imperial History and an MSt in English at Oxford.

Andrew Furnas

US University: Brown University

AndrewfurnasAndrew Furnas grew up in beautiful Ithaca, NY. He will graduate this spring with a B.S. in Mathematics from Brown University. Inspired by a course he took sophomore year at the Rhode Island School of Design on Textiles and Apparel, Andrew uses mathematical techniques to better understand the drape of woven fabrics. In his junior year he was awarded a Goldwater Fellowship for future research in this area. Andrew heads the Mathematics Undergraduate Group and helps to coordinate the Symposium for Undergraduates in the Mathematical Sciences(SUMS). When he is not doing math, Andrew can be found outside singing or dancing.

John Giammatteo

US University: Syracuse University

JohngiammatteoJohn Giammatteo, a Coronat Scholar at Syracuse University, will graduate in May 2011 with a B.A. in Anthropology and Magazine Journalism. Hailing from Southbury, Connecticut, John has conducted research with refugee populations in South and Southeast Asia and has written for Forced Migration Review. He is currently completing his capstone project, studying how Burmese migrants adapt to life in Thailand. John writes for various campus publications and newspapers, and serves as an associate producer for a local public affairs radio show. John will pursue degrees in Global Migration at City University and South East Asian Studies at The School for Oriental and African Studies.

Kristin Hall

US University: University of Pennsylvania

KristinhallKristin is a senior in the Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business, pursuing a double major in International Studies and Finance, with a minor in Mathematics. A University Scholar and a Joseph Wharton Scholar, Kristin has devoted her academic career to work and research in African nations. As a freshman, Kristin investigated the effects of HIV/AIDS on the growth of Botswana's service sector. While in Tanzania, she created a poverty metric to measure the effectiveness of microloans. She now serves as the CFO of Generation Enterprise, an entrepreneurship initiative that equips Nigerian "street youth" to start socially-responsible businesses.

Temple He

US University: Stanford University

TempleheTemple He, from Troy, MI, will graduate from Stanford with a B.S. in physics and mathematics. He became captivated by physics in high school, when he saw the elegance within the equations describing nature. Temple has conducted research in astrophysics, which he presented at the 2008 AAS Conference, and high-energy physics, which was published last year. Currently, he is trying to understand the quantum-classical transition of chaos. When not pondering about physics, he enjoys being a violinist in the Stanford Symphony Orchestra. Temple plans to eventually become a professor and share the beauty of nature with the world.

Ali Hussain

US University: Cornell University

AlihussainAli Hussain of Minnesota is a Government major in the College Scholar Program at Cornell University. A Truman Scholar, Ali spent time working on education reform in Newark and doing research in U.S. Congress. Ali is also interested in the influence technology has on bringing democratic practice in authoritarian states and spent last summer at Google. Ali's thesis aims to better understand sectarian violence in Pakistan. At Cornell, Ali is a member of the education non-profit Telluride Association and has helped found and lead two organizations that aim to empower Muslim Americans post-9/11. Ali will pursue an MPhil in Politics at Oxford.

Shivani Jain

US University: Emory University

ShivanijainA native of Luling, Louisiana, Shivani will graduate with a degree in Sociology from Emory University. She is actively involved with Emory's Global Health Institute, policy debate team, and The Vagina Monologues movement. A Dean's Scholar, Shivani has received numerous departmental awards for her research in sociology, water sanitation, and neurology. During her time away from school, she has studied in the UK, Ecuador, and India. In 2009, she co-founded a creative arts-focused NGO, RISE Glocal, to help increase environmental awareness and health education in Ghana and Sierra Leone. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, dancing tango, and boxing.

Matthew Jones

US University: University of Chicago

MatthewjonesMatthew Jones graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Chicago in June with honors in the Biological Sciences. Over the past two years, Matt has researched genetic pathways in leukaemia and lymphoma under the supervision of Dr. Janet Rowley. Matt has also published research on RNA splicing in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, as well as worked at the Genome Center at Washington University in his hometown of St. Louis, MO. Outside the lab, he enjoys volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, playing ultimate Frisbee, and studying German literature. At Oxford, Matt plans to pursue a DPhil in medical oncology.