Scholar Names A-E

Nicolas Altemose

US University: Duke University

Nickaltemose-4d4ff42a04e25A native of Temecula, California, Nicolas Altemose will graduate from Duke University with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. An A.B. Duke Scholar, Goldwater Scholar, and Gilliam Fellow, Nick has spent over three years characterizing DNA sequences that were excluded from the Human Genome Project's sequencing effort, including sequences potentially associated with multiple sclerosis susceptibility. Outside of the lab, Nick's interests include science education, LGBT activism, photography, Tesla coiling, mycology, and computer music. Nick will conduct research in bioinformatics at the University of Oxford, and he aspires to become an academic scientist.

Anthony Austin

US University: Rice University

AnthonyAustinAnthony Austin, a resident of Dallas, Texas, will graduate from Rice University in May, 2011 with degrees in both electrical engineering and mathematics. He aims to eventually pursue a Ph.D. in mathematics and become a university professor. He is especially interested in studying mathematical analysis and also has a substantial interest in signal processing. As an undergraduate, he conducted research on the mathematics behind the physics of vibrating strings. Anthony plans to spend his first year in the U.K. at the University of Cambridge, undertaking Part III of the Mathematical Tripos.

Priscilla "Kenzie" Bok

US University: Harvard University

Kenziebok%28harvard%29Boston native Kenzie Bok will graduate from Harvard College in May with a degree in History and a language citation in Mandarin Chinese. She focuses on twentieth-century American intellectual history and is writing a thesis on the young John Rawls. Student president of Harvard's Institute of Politics, Kenzie has interned at the White House, served on her local Democratic ward committee, and volunteered for numerous political campaigns. At school, she also writes for the Harvard Political Review, leads the Episcopal Chaplaincy, teaches middle school Civics, and advises freshmen. In her spare time, Kenzie loves board games, travel, cross-country skiing, and cheering for the Boston Red Sox. She plans to pursue an MPhil in Political Thought & Intellectual History at the University of Cambridge.

Katherine Buse

US University: Duke University

KatherinebuseKatherine Buse of Chapel Hill, North Carolina will graduate as an A.B. Duke Memorial Scholar from Duke University. Her major is English with a certificate in Documentary Studies. Her senior thesis investigates ecological catastrophe in contemporary fiction and seeks to uncover the underlying beliefs that inform our culture's response to climate change. Katherine has presented her work at a number of conferences, including the Modern Language Association in January 2011, and she has been honored by the Duke English department with the Award for Outstanding Work in American Literature and the Barbara Herrnstein Smith Award for Literary Criticism and Theory. She has served as editor for the Archive literary magazine at Duke. For the first year of her Marshall Scholarship, Katherine will pursue an MA in Science Fiction Studies from the University of Liverpool.

Josephine Chambers

US University: University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign

JosiechambersJosie Chambers graduated summa cum laude from the University of Illinois with a B.S. in Integrative Biology, and minors in Anthropology and Chemistry. During her four years, Josie researched honeybee genomics, worked on primate conservation projects in Uganda and Costa Rica, and organized environmental lectures and educational programs as co-founder of UIUC Roots & Shoots. Currently working in Peru to conserve endangered primate habitat, Josie aspires to work towards sustainable and equitable management of tropical forests. She plans to study conservation management at Edinburgh and Cambridge. While not in the forest, Josie enjoys video editing, running, singing, and playing guitar.

Elizabeth Deutsch

US University: Yale University

ElizabethdeutschElizabeth Deutsch, from Lexington, Massachusetts, will graduate from Yale University with a double major in English and Economics. She has been elected to Phi Beta Kappa, served on the Yale Women's Center board, led backpacking trips for freshmen, and won college-wide prizes for her literary criticism. Elizabeth has also worked at the investments offices of Yale and of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While in the U.K., she will study the effects of the expanding publishing market on early modern English literature, fusing literary analysis and economics. In her first year, she will study Medieval and Renaissance Literature at Cambridge.

Ariel Eckblad

US University: Spelman College

ArieleckbladA double major in Political Science and Comparative Women's Studies, Ariel Eckblad graduated from Spelman College in 2010 as Valedictorian and a Phi Beta Kappa inductee. She has served as a grassroots organizer with Africa Action, intern in the U.S. House of Representatives, policy researcher with the U.S. Human Rights Network, and an Arthur Liman Public Interest fellow at Yale University. Currently, Ariel is on Fulbright grant researching women as agents of reform in the Indian political system. Ariel will pursue an MSc in International Relations from the Royal Holloway and an MSc in Global Governance and Diplomacy from Oxford.

Sasha Engelmann

US University: Stanford University

sashaengelmannSasha Engelmann, a native of Los Angeles, will graduate from Stanford University with degrees in Earth Systems and English and French Literatures. In past years Sasha volunteered in Ghana, and studied the artwork of the Icelandic installation artist Olafur Eliasson in Berlin. She has also examined climate change policy in Paris, and completed research with the Natural Resources Defense Council. Sasha is fascinated by trends in human perception of environment, especially as they are reflected in literature and art, and will pursue an MPhil in Geography and Environment at Oxford. Sasha loves to paint and watch French films.