Scholar Names A-B

Gabriel Amo

US University: Wheaton College, MA

GabrielAmoGabriel Amo, of Pawtucket, RI, will graduate from Wheaton College, with a B.A. in Political Science. A Phi Beta Kappa inductee and 2009 Truman Scholar, Gabe's interests are social welfare, education, and development policy. With Liberian and Ghanaian roots, Gabe has worked as an educator at both the Liberian Refugee Camp in Ghana and in Uganda. Gabe has been student government president and led the Roosevelt Institute chapter. Away from Wheaton, Gabe was a PPIA Fellow at UC Berkeley, political organizer, citizenship test instructor, and non-profit board member. Gabe will pursue an MSc in Comparative Social Policy at Oxford.

Dorian Bandy

US University: Cornell University

DorianBandyLos Angeles native and Cornell University-trained musicologist Dorian Komanoff Bandy has performed across the United States and Europe as a conductor, baroque violinist and violist, harpsichordist, organist and fortepianist. Dorian's research interests are broad, and include historical performing practices of 17th- and 18th-century music, Mozart's operas, baroque acting techniques, literature of Germany's "Sturm und Drang" period, 20th-century American verse, linguistics, Classics, postmodernism and chess. Conducting credits with his New York-based baroque orchestra Les Petits Violons include operas of Mozart, Handel, Purcell and Rousseau, as well as orchestral works of the high Baroque. He is the 2009-2010 Cornell Undergraduate Artist of the Year, and two-time recipient of the Adelson Award for Excellence in Music.

Carolyn Barnett

US University: Georgetown University

CarolynBarnettCarolyn Barnett graduated in 2009 from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University with a major in Culture and Politics and a certificate in International Development. At Georgetown she was editor-in-chief of the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs and published part of her thesis on Islamic feminism in a peer-reviewed journal. Carolyn is currently studying advanced Arabic in Cairo on a Fulbright Scholarship. She will pursue an MA in Islamic Studies and MSc in Middle East Politics at SOAS in London, where she hopes to study the evolving discourses on women's rights within Islam and women's involvement in Islamist politics. She is also an avid tap dancer.

Joshua Bennett

US University: University of Pennsylvania

JoshuaBennettA Yonkers, New York native, Joshua Bennett will graduate from the University of Pennsylvania with a double major in Africana Studies and English. He is a professional performance poet, and has recited his original work at events such as the Sundance Film Festival, The NAACP Image Awards, and President Obama's evening of poetry and music at the White House. When he is not on the road, Joshua enjoys watching indie films, listening to Lupe Fiasco, and playing Scrabble with his mom. Next year, he will pursue a Master of Arts in Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Warwick.

Megan Beyer

US University: Agnes Scott College

MeganBeyerMeg Beyer will graduate from Agnes Scott College in May with a B.A. in Women's Studies, Sociology & Anthropology and a minor in Political Science. She is the President of Agnes Scott's Student Government Association and advises multiple administrative committees on campus LGBTQ policies. A Truman Scholar, Meg has worked for the National Organization for Women and the American Association of University Women on issues ranging from health care to education policy. She plans to attend the University of Nottingham to pursue a Ph.D. in International Human Rights Law and research sex trafficking prevention policy for the 2012 London Olympics.

Samuel Bjork

US University: Harvard University

SamuelBjorkA native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Samuel Bjork will graduate with a degree in Chemistry from Harvard. In three years of research, he has explored ethanol production in a novel microbe, methods of probing the biological activity of small molecules, and alternate genetic systems capable of encoding biological information. On a leave from Harvard, he helped establish an HIV educational program for primary and secondary school teachers in Botswana. Samuel played violin in the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra for three years and has written for several Harvard publications. He also enjoys teaching, traveling, and working with film.