Scholar Names T-Z

Alan Trammell

US University: Wake Forest University

alantrammellAlan Trammell double-majored in German and Economics at Wake Forest University, where he was President of the Wesley Foundation and Principal Clarinetist in the University Orchestra. Projects among Central European ethnic minorities, including Germany's Sorbian community and Latvia's Russian population, have constituted the focus of his research. Alan is currently studying Comparative Politics at the London School of Economics.

Eric Tuttle

US University: California Institute of Technology

erictuttleBorn in Long Beach, CA, and raised in Seattle, Washington, Eric Tuttle is currently completing a degree in Applied Physics at the California Institute of Technology. In addition to winning numerous prizes and scholarships, Eric is the Student Body President, a member of Caltech's fencing team, active in its Theatre Arts group, and tutors local high school students. His field of interest - computational and neural systems - is on the cutting edge of scientific inquiry trying to get computers to function like the human brain without specific step by step instructions. Eric plans to use his Marshall Scholarship to study Computational Neuroscience at University College London.

Jada Renee Twedt

US University: Kenyon College

jadetwedtJada Twedt is a graduate of Kenyon College in Ohio, where she double majored in Physics and Philosophy, finishing first in her class. At Kenyon, Jada played Varsity Basketball and Volleyball and served as Vice President of the local chapter of Circle-K, a national service organization. Her experiences helping to build an AIDS hospice in Honduras and organizing meals for the hungry have left a lasting impression. At Oxford Univesity, she will pursue a second BA in Psychology, Philosophy, and Physiology. Deeply influenced by her professors, Jada hopes to inspire others as a professor of either Physics or Philosophy at a liberal arts institution like Kenyon!

Daniel Urman

US University: UCLA

danielurmanDaniel Urman, born and raised in Palo Alto, California, graduated Summa Cum Laude from UCLA, where he majored in Political Science and History with a minor in Public Policy. Elected to Phi Beta Kappa in his junior year, while at UCLA Daniel served as a campus ambassador, tutor, teaching and research assistant, and student recruiter. Extremely passionate about government and international affairs, Daniel spent the summer of 1999 as an honors intern for the Department of Justice in Washington, DC. Throughout college Daniel researched the Arab/Israeli conflict, and traveled to Israel, Jordan and Egypt in order to witness events firsthand. He served as Michael Dukakis' Communications Director during the DNC 2000, and led volunteer efforts for the Democratic Party. Governor Dukakis, a Professor at UCLA, stated that Daniel "has an infectious enthusiasm. He is a real leader". Daniel is studying for an MPhil in International Relations at Oxford University prior to pursuing a career in public service.

Jordan Wales

US University: Swarthmore College

jordanwalesMr Wales is a Barry Goldwater Scholar and National Merit Scholar. Along with many other awards he also was named an AP Scholar with Honor in 1997. He aspires to conduct robotics research, developing intelligent robots that will be able to understand and manipulate their physical environment. He will read for a degree combining psychology, physiology, philosophy and artificial intelligence. Mr Jordan is seeking to answer the question "how can we differentiate between an advanced but non-sentient artificial intelligence and a truly conscious computer?" His past research has been to help build and programme a prize winning robot which greets guests, moves around in crowded rooms, serves food, and tosses humorous insults at people.

Jason Wasfy

US University: MIT

jasonwasfyMIT chemical engineering student Jason Wasfy of Great Falls, Virginia, has a passion for science and health policy. He plans to advance his career goals by studying politics at Oxford. He has served as editor-in-chief of the MIT/Wellesley journal Counterpoint, chairman of an MIT student committee on faculty relations, and has written over 50 articles and reports in campus publications. Jason has won the S Klein Prize for technical writing twice, the Kelly Prize for politics, and a Burchard scholarship in the humanities and social sciences. His summer internships include a Howard Hughes fellowship at the National Cancer Institute, and positions with the National Academies' Institute of Medicine, with US Senator Conrad Burns (Montana), and with the Association for Health and Environmental Development in Cairo, Egypt. He has long-standing interests in tobacco policy, drug development, women's health, and tele-medicine, particularly in the developing world.

Ying Wu

US University: Harvard University

yingwuNew York University valedictorian Ying Wu is currently in Botswana on a Truman Scholarship, where she is pursuing HIV clinical research through the Harvard AIDS Institute. Born in Nanjing, China, she is a resident of Brooklyn, NY. A triple major in biology and romance languages, she plans to attend medical school after her Marshall scholarship. With a strong interest in medicine and the disadvantaged, Ying has already voted with her feet in this regard (NIH, NSF and Howard Hughes summer grants and her research in Botswana). She plans to pursue development studies at Sussex or Oxford.

Celina Yong

US University: UC Berkeley

celinayongBorn in Canada, Celina moved to Rohnert Park, California, and has just completed her finals for a BS in Molecular Environmental Biology at UC Berkeley. A professional ballet dancer; poet; musician; ice-skater; recipient of numerous awards from the Truman Scholar to one of "America's Top Ten College Women" by Glamour Magazine, and winner of the Scholastic Award of the Junior Miss USA competition in 1997, Celina's ultimate aim is to be a doctor, policy-maker and public health specialist. Currently researching the philology of small snails in coral reefs in French Polynesia, Celina looks forward to taking up her scholarship to study public health at Oxford University.