Scholar Names H-L

Lam Ho

US University: Brown University

lamhoImmigrating to the US from Vietnam at age 6, Lam Nguyen Ho has overcome staggering odds to reach academic pinnacles at Brown. His personal challenges have fostered a particularly keen sense of social justice, which will lead to a career in civil rights law. Largely self-supporting, he worked full-time through 4 years at Brown, while completing a combined AB/AM program in English Literature. An instinctual bridge-builder, Lam's precept that "anger cannot be paralysis" is demonstrated in his community service work with disadvantaged children, HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ issues, and race relations. He finds powerful mirrors to his experiences in the written word and will study 19th century female novelists at Oxford. He grew up in Brockton, Massachusetts.

Robert Christopher Johnson

US University: Northwestern University

robertjohnsonRobert Johnson, from Barrington, Illinois, majored in Economics at Northwestern University. Armed with a vision of how governments, businesses and non-governmental organisations can cooperate to manage the global economy, Robert believes that we need to reform the institutions of governance to ensure that globalisation delivers widespread prosperity. Robert's volunteer experience on a Sioux reservation in South Dakota helped focus his intellectual gifts on addressing economic injustice. As a Junior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Robert worked to combine the theoretical and practical - both assessing globalisation's impact on developing countries and proposing innovative reforms to make the international system more transparent and accountable. Robert will use his Marshall Scholarship to study at London School of Economics, taking him one step closer toward his goal of formulating economic policy within both the US government and organisations like the World Bank and WTO. A former member of Northwestern University's Jazz Lab Band and Jazz Combos, Robert is a jazz enthusiast who enjoys playing the alto saxophone.

Ulcca Joshi

US University: Drew University (NJ)

ulccajoshiMs Joshi is currently working as the Program Fellow for the Geraldine R Dodge Foundation, a private philanthropic organization that supports education reform. After graduating in 1998 from Drew University with degrees in Philosophy and German she taught third grade for a year in the New Jersey Public School system. Raised in Tanzania, she has participated in foreign exchanges to France, Russia and Germany, and completed independent study in India. She has been awarded the Harry S Truman Scholarship in recognition of commitment to public service and awarded Commissioner of Education's Distinguished Teacher Candidate Award. She is Phi Beta Kappa and a member of Delta Phi Alpha (German Honor Society). Ms. Joshi is committed to public service as demonstrated by her honors, awards, and achievements as well as her service to the community such as serving as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) and with the Habitat for Humanity Family Selection Committee. She will pursue a graduate degree in Educational Studies with a concentration on how different countries approach issues of teaching, learning and assessment.

Talia S Karim

US University: University of Oklahoma

taliakarimTalia Karim from Norman, Oklahoma and a student at the University of Oklahoma, where she is doing a double major in geology and classics, plans to study for a MSc in Earth Sciences at Oxford University. Talia will use her admirable ability to explain the depth of her complex scientific field to a wider audience in helping to span the gap between science and broader society, either as an educator or at the creative end of museum curatorship or even as a television programme presenter. The infectious enthusiasm of this brilliant young scientist makes her a "teacher's teacher" - she is a true scholar and scientist. She has been an active part of a very full range of campus activities including being President of the Muslim Student Association in her freshman year, and most recently presented the results of her research activity to the Geological Society of America.

Sara Lewis

US University: Harvard University

sarahlewisAn art historian who aspires to be a major museum director, New Yorker Sara Lewis is a social studies major from Harvard. Interning at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, but also at Goldman Sachs, the Monitor Company and Warner Advertising, she is honing the skills she needs to accomplish that goal. Her Mellon Fellowship research is on minority representation in American art institutions. Cornel West has called her "one of the rare natural leaders with tremendous charisma and wisdom". With the potential for a top-flight career in business, Sarah will be a major voice in critical studies of museums at the Slade School, University College London.