Scholar Names A-G

Sarah Airey

US University: Virginia Polytechnic Institute

sarahaireyMs Airey has traveled to Ghana, West Africa to volunteer as a computer literacy teacher and to study Ghanaian art and culture. An engaging conversationalist, she has interned at the Naval Research Laboratories where she designed graphical software interface to control antenna signals and developed a computer simulation method for autonomous navigation. This 21-year-old has been named to the Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society, is a Senator in the Student Government Association, is active with the Society of Women Engineers outreach programs and enjoys painting and drawing. Ms Airey will pursue a Masters degree in artificial intelligence and a PhD in human computer interaction. She hopes to undertake research in an industrial or academic setting to improve the interface between human and computer, eventually influencing policy that governs the distribution and accessibility of technology.

Ari Alexander

US University: University of Pennsylvania

arialexanderAri Alexander is currently pursuing his MA in Comparative Ethnic Conflict at the Queen's University of Belfast. His research focuses on the role of integrated education in deeply divided societies. Ari spent last summer interviewing Palestinians and Jews in Jerusalem and Bethlehem and has chosen to read for the MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies at Oxford for the next two years.

Daniel Brooks Baer

US University: Harvard University

danielbaerDaniel Baer from Denver, Colorado is majoring in Social Studies at Harvard University and plans to study for the MPhil in International Relations at Oxford as the basis for a career in public service. Already a successful writer with two books published and a third underway, Dan is not only a superb writer, but also an engaging, articulate extrovert with of perception and a truly inquisitive mind. His great sense of adventure and incredibly diverse background - he has worked as a cowboy in the Australian outback, has lived in an Australian Aboriginal community and has researched funerary customs in Ghana - have given him a practical education of a depth and scope few people experience in a lifetime, let alone in their first twenty years. As well as mentoring fellow students, Dan has volunteered with a program that focuses on conflict resolution with elementary school children from rival housing projects in inner-city Boston.

John Barker

US University: US Military Academy

johnbarkerRaised in small town USA as one of seven children, John Barker was educated at Napa High School in Napa California. An extraordinary scholar, deep thinker, poet and creative writer, John is also an expert rugby player, and an army cadet with a highly distinguished record at the US Military Academy. John is currently completing a degree in Arts, Philosophy, and Literature at West Point. He intends to use his Marshall Scholarship to study for an MLitt in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh and then to pursue a career as a writer.

Michael Bhatia

US University: Brown University

michaelbhatiaBrown graduate Michael Bhatia plans to deepen his interest in international development through postgraduate studies at Oxford's Center for International Studies. Since graduation Michael, with tremendous courage and commitment, has worked with the International Rescue Committee in Kosovo, Macedonia, and Montenegro. He was also an election observer and humanitarian affairs officer in East Timor. Prior to graduating from Brown, he was an intern with the UN High Commission for Refugees in Saharan Africa. A resident of Medway, Massachusetts, Michael is currently working as a Scoville Peace Fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment in Washington.

Gabriel Brat

US University: Arizona State University

gabrielbratGabriel Brat is studying Bioengineering at Arizona State University. Born in Israel, he has worked at a free community health clinic serving the under-insured Hispanic and indigenous communities in Arizona. Together with the clinic's head physician, Gabriel developed a clinical trial involving the clinic's diabetic patients which will help improve their treatment and increase scientific knowledge about the effective treatment of diabetes. In the UK, Gabriel will follow an MSc programme in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, where he will pursue the integration of pure research with health policy and delivery leading to, in his words, "a new kind of science and a new kind of scientist".

Richard Caldarone

US University: Northwestern University

richardcalderoneMr Caldarone was an exchange student to Japan in the Rotary International Program, has served as Speaker of the Senate and in other positions in the Northwestern University Student Government Association. He is a member of the Deru Senior Honor Society and Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honors Fraternity. Among other honours and awards, he is an accomplished musician and has served as the Musical Director for local theatre productions in Chicago. Described as "a resilient thinker who moves quickly and easily through a labyrinth of arguments," Mr Caldarone has formidable knowledge on a range of topics. His interest in government and politics, particularly citizen participation and apathy, will be the focus of his study after which he intends to work to use government to effect social change.

Megan Marie Ceronsky

US University: University of Arkansas

meganceronskyMegan Ceronsky found her career inspirations in work with rape victims and children at domestic violence shelter as well as during canoe trips with her family in the wilderness of northern Minnesota. She hopes to work with policy issues relating to women and the environment, and to this end is pursuing a degree in Human Sciences at Oxford University to better understand the roots of individual and collective behaviour. Megan is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville where she studied International Relations and Religious Studies.

Rebecca Anne Chamberlain

US University: Wheaton College

rebeccachamberlainMs Chamberlain is a force for international peace, who will succeed where others have failed because of her ability to both question and listen to all that she encounters. As a Rotary Academic-Year Ambassadorial Scholar she is at present taking a Master of Theology programme at the Evandeoski Teoloski Fakultet in Osijek, eastern Croatia. Reconciliation and diplomacy work is what Rebecca is aiming for, be it within the framework of the United Nations or US Government. The Marshall Scholarship will enable her to pursue an MA in Central and South-East European Studies at University College London. Among other foreign travel in the Former Yugoslavia, Rebecca has first hand experience of humanitarian relief work in Kosovo.

David Chan

US University: University of California, Riverside

davidchanBorn in Fresno, California, David Chan is a medical student at UCLA. A Co-President of the Asian Pacific American Medical Students Association, David learned Mandarin while at UC Riverside as an undergraduate student and spent a year at Beijing and Tsinghua Universities, China. He showed an early aptitude for mathematics which he pursued at college, adding the analytical techniques of economics to study the forces making for prosperity and suffering in the world. The son of a doctor, he found that his mother's own struggle with cancer showed him the impact of medicine on people's lives. He will study the UK healthcare system, and its implications for US health policy, at the London School of Economics.

Adam Cohen

US University: Harvard University

adamcohen-4762334def260Harvard's Adam Cohen of New York City, is a talented inventor with a remarkable and inquiring mind. A chemistry and physics major, he plans to study at Cambridge, where he hopes to become "a better scientist-inventor". A 1999 Goldwater Scholar, he was inducted into the National Gallery for America's Young Inventors in 1998, and took first place in the 1997 Westinghouse Science Talent Search. He is the holder of three patents. His work has covered a wide array of projects, from land mine sensors to glucose monitors for diabetics to the world's smallest amplifier using carbon nanochemistry.

Katherine Brady Dirks

US University: University of Virginia

katherinedirksKatherine (Katie) Dirks of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and a Government and Foreign Affairs student at the University of Virginia, is an engaging, powerful and compelling personality with a mind like a steel trap and remarkable powers of expression. She plans to use her Marshall Scholarship to pursue an MPhil in International Relations at Oxford as a step towards her ultimate goal of a career in US government policy making in the area of immigration policy. An outstanding community leader already, Katie was President of the Raven Society, (named for Edgar Allan Poe, also a University of Virginia student) and a highly coveted honour. Overcoming significant obstacles in her early years, Katie gives back to her community through programmes for the underprivileged in Appalachia and through a mentoring programme for middle school girls.

Paul Benjamin Domjan

US University: University of Texas at Austin

pauldomjanPaul Domjan from Austin, Texas is an Honours student in Philosophy, Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies at the University of Texas in Austin. He is mature and well rounded with a forceful personality, a strong debating style, (albeit easy and fluent in discussion), and an impressive grasp of the problems facing Central Europe. He plans to read for a MPhil in International Relations at Oxford as the basis for an academic and government policy-making career. In addition to hearty outdoor interests, (mountain biking, climbing and camping), and an interest in classical guitar and opera, Paul has been a dedicated mentor and tutor both at the University and with high school students.

Karen Feigh

US University: Georgia Tech

karenfeignKaren's interest in flight began at an early age; perhaps being the daughter of an Air Force pilot sowed the seeds. At Georgia Tech where she is currently studying for a degree in Aerospace Engineering Karen has amassed a brilliant academic record and shows great leadership skills. Currently Chair of the Presidents' Council Governing Board and the Women's Leadership Conference; she manages to find time for T-book, an on-line student survival guide, which she founded in 1998. Overseas travel has taken her to a number of countries including Germany, providing her an opportunity of using her language skills. Karen sees today's problems in the air traffic management system and believes that in the future she will have the necessary tools to work on improving all aspects of air traffic control and aviation safety. Her Marshall Scholarship will take her to Cranfield University where she will study for an MPhil in Avionics and Simulation in association with Human Factors.

Scott Allan Ferree

US University: University of Kansas

scottferreeScott Allan Ferree is a top rate student with passion for literature, the theatre and creative writing. He is reading English and French at University of Kansas, Lawrence. As an energetic young playwright, actor and director he has already had one of his short plays performed at the Kennedy Center. His love of the outdoors, has taken him to a wilderness training programme in Wyoming and backpacking trip through the Rockies. He will pursue the MPhil in English Studies programme at the University of London, Goldsmiths' College to study Samuel Becket and how his work relates to that of Proust and Joyce and connect these three writers to others of the modernist period. His experience from a two-month study in Sienna, Italy, a one year study at a French University, as well as a Summer study in Theatre Katohi, Greece makes him an experienced and focused Marshall Scholar. In his own words "I want to write, because literature has been so important in my life".

Cinnamon Pinon Gilbreath

US University: Baylor University

cinnamongilbreathCinnamon Gilbreath from Waco, Texas and a graduate of Baylor University now studying law at the University of California Law School at Berkeley, California, plans to study for a MSc in Environmental Change & Management at Oxford University. She plans a career in policy development in the international environmental arena, a goal towards which she has already started by becoming editor of the prestigious environmental policy journal, the Ecology Law Quarterly. A committed environmentalist, as strong in discussions of law as of policy and technology, she has an impressive ability to see and address all sides of an issue and to reach a principled conclusion with ease. In debate she is articulate, agile, informed, persuasive and vibrant but with a quiet confidence she further combines athleticism, (she led her high school basketball team to state championships for three years in a row), with an outstanding record of volunteer activities with young people.

Brian Gray

US University: Boston College

briangrayBrian Gray of Boston College, is an accomplished biochemist who seeks to pursue the control and eradication of infectious disease. He will be studying chemistry at Imperial College, London. A Goldwater Scholar and intellectual superstar, Brian already has a major journal paper and two patents to his credit. He has been awarded a Pfizer Undergraduate Research Fellowship. He is also socially committed, participating in a 500-mile AIDS vaccine bicycle ride in Alaska, the Boston Marathon in support of autistic children, and HIV-prevention lecture courses for prison inmates. He is a resident of Garden City, New York.

Seth Green

US University: Princeton

sethgreenSeth from Boca Raton has already made an impact on public policy in Florida. He is strikingly accomplished and is one of Princeton's top young students having completed his AB degree in Political Economy in three years. He has become a nationally-ranked debater and as a freshman represented Princeton at the World Debate in the Philippines. Compelled by personal experience Seth has made it his mission to help children with birth defects, particularly in Third World countries. His service to the community knows no bounds; organising summer camps for special needs children and their families, and producing videos for parents of affected new-borns are two of his numerous endeavours. Tennis proves to be an excellent for him and he enjoys playing on the varsity team, and finds time to coach special needs children. Seth is the recipient of many awards and scholarships including the Coca-Cola Foundation Scholarship. As a Marshall Scholar he will study for two years at the University of London.