Scholar Names M-R

March, Andrew Fletcher

US University: University of Pennsylvania

UK University: University of Oxford

Subject: Politics

march_andrew_fAndrew March is a political science, history, and Middle Eastern Studies major from the University of Pennsylvania. He is the son of labour organisers and the grandson of a West Virginia coal miner. Widely travelled, he speaks 11 (yes, eleven) languages. He plans to study politics at Oxford, with long-term plans to work in international affairs, either within government or through NGOs.

Miller III, Thomas Francis

US University: Texas A & M

UK University: University College London

Subject: Theoretical Chemistry Design

miller_thomas_fTommy Miller, from College Station, Texas, is a brilliant young theoretical chemist at Texas A & M University. While still an undergraduate, Tommy already has an impressive list of published papers in leading chemical journals, and has worked in the laboratories of two of America's eminent theoretical chemists. Not only an outstanding young scientist, Tommy is a gifted problem solver, (as an undergraduate he uncovered substantial errors in a text book which had been the standard text for chemists for 28 years), who plans a career blending pure science with improving the links between the scientific world and that of public policy. Tommy has also been active in AWARE, (Aggies Working for a Rape-Free Environment), in a community service outreach programme, and as a Cub Scout leader. He intends to continue his theoretical chemistry studies at University College, London, with Britain's Professor David Clary, a world leader in theoretical chemical dynamics.

Mitchell, Olivia Suzanne

US University: US Air Force Academy

UK University: University of Surrey

Subject: Microsatellite Design

mitchell_olivia_s Cadet Olivia Mitchell, from Colorado Springs and studying at the US Air Force Academy is a rare combination of intellectual ability, athletic skill, determination, enthusiasm, compassion, idealism and commitment to service. While a top student in Astronautical Engineering, a notoriously difficult course, she minored in French, doing so well in both that she was selected to spend a semester at the French Air Force Academy, taking a full complement of Science, Engineering and Maths - in French! A successful intercollegiate athlete in cross-country running and track and field, she is also a member of the Academy's national championship sky diving team. She was selected one of the Academy's Group Captains, in charge of 1,000 cadets. A strong commitment to service led her to serve both her fellow cadets and the local community in areas as diverse as academic mentoring, acting as a Big Sister, and volunteering at a local soup kitchen - this in addition to her 152 semester hour academic load and gruelling military and athletic schedule. Cadet Mitchell will enter the University of Surrey's unique microsatellite design and research programme.

Morgan, Letisha

US University: University of Minnesota

UK University: University of Warwick

Subject: Comparative Literature

morgan_letishaLetisha Morgan of Atlanta majors in Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature at the University of Minnesota. She wants are to continue her work in cultural studies and comparative literature by studying post-colonial issues at Warwick University. Community service is of great importance to Letisha; as well as her work at Planned Parenthood, she volunteered at the Multiple Sclerosis Achievement Center. Her high level energy is also evident in her pursuit of a wide variety of extracurricular activities besides dance, including a publishing internship with a local company, theatre performance and Women's Rugby and playing the flute.

Nana, Chavi Keeney

US University: Wellesley College

UK University: Oxford University

Subject: Development Studies

nana_chaviChavi Keeney Nana of Ann Arbor, Michigan, is deeply committed to finding workable solutions to problems created by forced migration, and to the establishment of a human regime for immigrant and refugee integration. While a student at Wellesley College, she interned as a counsellor at the International Rescue Committee in Boston and Rome, and was actively involved in debates over asylum and integration policy during her year abroad in Konstanz, Germany. She is reading Development Studies at Oxford, with a concentration on new social activism among the Palestinian minority in Israel. She hopes to further explore the links between access to citizenship and immigrant integration, to continue her study of Arabic, and plans to attend law school in the future.

Painter, Geoffrey T

US University: University of Portland

UK University: Lancaster University

Subject: Environmental Management

painter_geoffrey_tBorn and educated in Oregon, Geoff Painter studied civil engineering as an undergraduate at the University of Portland, Oregon. A former debater, Geoff is interested in politics and philosophy, and he enjoys any activity that takes him into the outdoors. He plans to eventually attend law school and work in environmental policy and litigation on the state or federal level, or possibly for an international or non-profit organisation. Geoff is a Truman Scholar, and he has interned at the City of Gresham, Oregon and at The White House. Ultimately he hopes to seek elected office. In his first year as a Marshall Scholar Geoff earned the MSc in Environmental & Ecological Sciences from Lancaster University. He is currently studying for a second MSc, this time in Policy Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

Rea, Susan M

US University: Princeton University

UK University: Cambridge University

Subject: Environmental Mechanical Engineering & Bio-Engineering

rea_susan_mSusan Rea, a brilliant young scholar born and educated in California, is currently completing a degree in chemical engineering at Princeton. Her research has been in applying space age ceramic matrices to orthopaedic grafts and she intends to pursue a career in biomedical engineering by completing a MD/PhD programme. Ultimately, her work will have the potential to benefit American and British medicine. The eldest of six children, Susan is a star both intellectually and athletically (Princeton varsity women's soccer (top scorer) and basketball). She has also found time to be a volunteer in community service projects - food provision, house repair, gardening programmes - and is a fluent Japanese speaker.

Susan intends to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering and materials at the Department of Engineering at Cambridge University, England.

Raman, Sujit Mundayat

US University: Harvard College

UK University: University of Bristol

Subject: Sociology

raman_sujit_mSujit Raman, from Houston, who studied at the Kincaid School before going on to Harvard University, has already dedicated his future to the concerns of minorities in pluralistic societies. He sees the role of the well-rounded, thoughtful journalist and commentator as the area where one individual can make the greatest contribution towards constructing the good and just society. He has made a commendable start by his outstanding tenure as Editor-in-Chief of the Harvard International Review. In addition to his publishing work and his exemplary academic record, Sujit rows - he was coxswain for the 1999 Harvard crew which won the national championship - and was the organiser of a recent panel discussion on race and affirmative action which not only drew an overflow audience but was extensively reported in local media. A brilliant writer, Sujit plans to attend the University of Bristol, Britain's leading centre for the study of ethnicity.

Rau, Alexander Vikram

US University: Cornell University

UK University: Oxford University

Subject: Physics

rau_alexanderAlex Rau, from Baton Rouge, now studying at Cornell University, is an outstanding talent with a breadth of interests in areas as diverse as physics, (his chosen major), medieval European history, oceanography, Western Political Thought, music, and geology. Alex plans to continue studies in quantum measurement and information theory, preparing himself for a career as a leader of the scientific community whose ability to effectively articulate science to the larger community will enable him to play a role in developing larger policies on a national if not international scale. Alex's interests include music, soccer and campaigning for Amnesty International as well as acting as a tutor for students learning English as a second language. Alex plans to study physics at Oxford.

Robson, Laura Caroline

US University: Tulane University

UK University: Royal Academy of Music

Subject: Piano Performance

robson_laura_cA gifted classical pianist grounded in a thorough study of history, literature and the classics, Laura Robson, from Northport, Michigan and a student at Tulane University in New Orleans has a keen awareness of the vast contribution that the arts can make to international understanding. Her motivating force is the desire to use her unique talents to illuminate performance with more than technical accomplishment, rather with a true sense of understanding and purpose drawn from a totally multi-disciplinary background. A consummate musician who practices 4 - 6 hours per day, in addition to the physical training necessary for the professional pianist, Laura also researches and writes at a post-graduate level. Her outside interests are focussed in the music world, although she is an enthusiastic environmentalist. Laura plans to continue her music studies at the Royal Academy of Music.

Roddenberry, David

US University: Harvard College

UK University: Institute of Neurology at University College London

Subject: Neuroscience

roddenberry_david At 20 years of age David is quite remarkable, completing his Harvard degree in psychology and biology in three years with a stellar record. He is very enthusiastic, dedicated, animated and a truly brilliant scientist, who has already begun to work with several well-established scientists in his field. Out of the laboratory, sport plays an important role in David's life, running, crew and soccer and swimming are high on his list. For three years he has been a member of the Cambridge Master Swimming Team, his enthusiasm for sport make him a good choice as sports editor of The Crimson, Harvard's daily newspaper. David makes sure he finds time to volunteer at the homeless shelter and is a CHANCE volunteer tutor of the mathematics portion of the SAT. Over the years David has received many awards and scholarships. He plans on pursuing a MPhil in Neuroscience at the Institute of Neurology at University College, London.