Scholar names E-L

Einbond, Aaron Michael

US University: Harvard College

UK University: University of Cambridge

Subject: Music Composition/Musicology

einbond_aaron_mA remarkable double major in physics and music at Harvard, Aaron Einbond will study either music and physics at Cambridge or musicology and music composition at the Royal Academy in London. Nobel physicist Walter Gilbert called Aaron one of the top physics students he has experienced in his 40-year career. He is a native of Crestwood, New York.

Grant, Monica

US University: University of Kentucky

UK University: LSE

Subject: Anthro, Pop and Dev

grant_monica_jIt is amazing how one experience can motivate a person to do so much good for their community. While walking the El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain, Monica Grant realized the need to involve community service with her academic pursuit of anthropology. On her pilgrimage, Monica discovered anthropology's "potential for application and helpful action," and the inspiration it gave her. As a Marshall Scholar, Monica wants to attend the London School of Economics to study a combined program of Anthropology & Development and Population & Development. Through her course and community work, Monica will be prepared for careers in medicine and domestic/international public health service, hoping to design health programs beneficial to local community health needs.

Haglund, David Benson

US University: University of Chicago

UK University: University of Oxford

Subject: English Lit. 1830-1900

haglund_david_bRaised in Boston, Massachusetts, David Haglund is an English major from the University of Chicago with plans to study English literature at Oxford. His long-term plans include writing for and editing literary publications such as the New York Review of Books.

Hubbard, Rebecca

US University: University of Pittsburgh

UK University: University of Edinburgh

Subject: Environmental Health

hubbard_rebecca_aOnce a bookworm indifferent to the outdoors and the environment, Rebecca Hubbard found her interest in ecology in the strangest of places - the steel and concrete world of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Rebecca is interested in population biology and the effects of population in the surrounding environment. Rebecca has already worked on several research efforts including Costa Rican rain forests threatened by urban expansion; over population of deer in Pennsylvania due to the elimination of their natural predators by humans; and the impact of poor air quality on the incidence of asthma in Boston's Roxbury section. After studying Environmental Health at the University of Edinburgh, Rebecca hopes to engage in environmental health research with organizations such as the Center for Disease Control and the National Institute of Health.

Jacobsohn, Michael

US University: Harvard College

UK University: Oxford University

Subject: Slavonic and East European Studies

jacobsohn_michael_n22 year old Michael from Charlotte, NC will graduate from Harvard College in June 2000 with a BA with honors in Slavic Language and Literature, and plans on pursuing a MPhil in Slavonic & East European Studies at the University of Oxford. Michael volunteers as a counsellor for the Franklin After-School enrichment programme and tutoring for the Harvard Bureau of study Counsel. Performing in plays sponsored by the Harvard Slavic Department and reading Shakespeare makes up part of his non-academic activities. When time permits he participates in strength training and weight lifting. Michael is the recipient of a number of awards including the John Harvard Scholarship, awarded annually for academic excellence. Eventually Michael would like to practice international law, particularly in the area of international arbitration and justice.

Jay, Julianya

US University: Mount Holyoke College

UK University: Cambridge University

Subject: Neuroscience

jay_julianya_rdJulianya, a top student at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, shows the potential to repair and cure neurological damage and diseases, once thought of as irreparable. As a Marshall Scholar, Julianya aims to study at the Brain Repair Centre at Cambridge to examine the field of neural regeneration. Julianya will be taking an unconventional approach to her studies, combining the areas of neural regeneration and neural development. Until recent years, neural development and growth as still a mystery to scientists and doctors. Now that doctors have begun to piece together the components of neural growth and mechanisms, Julianya hopes to use this knowledge of how neural development occurs to learn how to repair neural damage and degeneration.

Kirksey, Eben

US University: New College of USF, FL

UK University: Oxford University

Subject: Anthropology, History and Biology

kirksey_s_ebenEben's original anthropological research (not without personal risk) in West Papua (Indonesia) has resulted in several publications. He has participated in a 50K Ultra Marathon, hiked 1,200 miles of the Appalachian Trail and spent two months in the Cranberry Wilderness. After graduation he will continue to combine teaching, research and journalism.

Leach, Bryan

US University: Harvard College

UK University: Oxford University

Subject: International Relations

leach_bryan_wA charming, intelligent and charismatic young man with a very bright future ahead of him. Bryan will graduate from Harvard in June 2000 with a BA in Social Studies and continue his studies in International Relations at the University of Oxford. He is the Director of the Best Buddies program, which fosters mentoring relationships between mentally retarded students and adults. As a cast member of the Hasty Pudding club Bryan enjoys participating in over 40 shows each year in Cambridge, NY City and Bermuda. He is a member of Quincy House Crew and captain of intramural crew team and stroke of the men's boat. As a member of the Crimson Key Society Bryan gives weekly tours of the university to groups of prospective students. Throughout his four years at Harvard Bryan has been the recipient of several scholarships, awards and honours.