Scholar Names A-C

Agarwal, Nisha S.

US University: Harvard University

UK University: Oxford University

Subject: Economic and Social History

agarwal_nisha_s-47623ad7e9fb4Nisha Agarwal, of Fayetteville (Syracuse), New York is a Social Studies major from Harvard. Nisha was the Secretary-General for the Harvard National Model UN conference, the largest event of its kind in the world. She also founded the South Asian Studies Initiative (SASI), a student movement promoting the expansion of subcontinental scholarship at Harvard. Nisha's interest in economic development and grassroots activism took her to India in the summer of 1999, where she worked with a pavement-dwelling community in central Mumbai that was mobilizing to obtain improved housing conditions. At Oxford, she hopes to continue her research on urban planning, with an interest in low-income housing policy in "developed world" cities like New York.

Bagby, Sarah Catherine

US University: University of Chicago

Uk University: University of Oxford

Subject: Physiology

bagby_sarah_c-47629b9f8faa3Sarah Bagby, of Las Cruces, NM, studied biochemistry and philosophy at the University of Chicago. A Goldwater Scholar, she wants to use biophysics to study cellular physiology. Sarah, who has tutored inner-city children and taught biology to fellow undergraduates, enjoys performing choral and instrumental music, writing, and playing for Chicago's champion college bowl team.

Bass, Jacqueline

US University: University of Chicago

UK University: University of Birmingham

Subject: International Studies

bass_jacqueline_d-47629ba8a2534Jacqueline Bass is not a woman you want to challenge. Once told by a peer that women are rarely appointed to CEO of a corporation due to a lack of financial background, Jacqueline is determined to prove she was just not any woman. Jacqueline has put herself on the fast track to success in International Business with a double major in Finance and Spanish and minor in African studies at West Virginia University. She has shaken the stereotype of the typical straight A student defined by grades and test scores, and grown into a woman that has begun to shape the world and help others through her church, her university and now as a future force in the globalization and the international marketplace. Jacqueline hopes to reach her potential as she aims towards a Master's of Philosophy in International Studies at the University of Birmingham.

Cerrito, Jonathon

US University: US Naval Academy

UK University: University of Cambridge

Subject: History & Politics

cerrito_jonathan_jJonathan has a superb record at the US Naval Academy and is ranked First out of 963 cadets in combined academics and military performance. He is a budding SEAL with a passion for French literature and the Latin Classics. Presently majoring in Weapons and Systems Engineering with a minor in French he plans on continuing his studies in History and Politics at the University of Cambridge. As one would imagine, Jonathan has a great love of the sea and is a member of the varsity off shore sailing team, and coxswain Navy Lightweight Plebe Crewe team. During his vactions he enjoys snow skiing and is learning to play golf. He is the recipient of many honors and awards and intends to become a commissioned officer in the US Navy as a member of the Special Warfare (SEAL) Community.

Chacko, Jacob M

US University: USC

UK University: University of Oxford

Subject: Philosophy, Politics & Economics

chacko_jacob_mJacob Chacko is a brilliant young man born in Texas but educated in Southern California, who is currently completing a degree in biology and gerontology at the University of Southern California. Jacob plans to work as a physician with the underserved inner-city populations and to help formulate health policy changes to improve issues of access, cost and quality of healthcare delivery for these communities. Until suffering an injury, Jacob was a soccer star. He is also an organiser of philanthropic and charitable fundraising events for a variety of student organisations; a resident advisor at a freshman residence hall; and, in addition, he has found time to conduct research and to garner many impressive honours and awards. He is a delightfully compassionate and mature person.

He plans to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Oxford. He intends to qualify in both medicine and in the political and ethical background to modern health policy issues so that he can pursue a rewarding career in medicine and health policy.

Chen, Jasper J

US University: MIT

UK University: University of Oxford

Subject: Psychology, Philosophy & Physiology

chen_jasperBorn and brought up in Seattle, Washington Jasper Chen is a brilliant young scholar, athlete and dedicated public servant, currently completing degrees in Linguistics and Philosophy at MIT. Jasper wishes ultimately to apply his learning and boundless energy to seeking improvements in access to healthcare for all Americans. He aims to provide for America's underprivileged as a primary care physician in a medically underserved area as well as to endeavour to solve their problems through legislating to regulate health care delivery. Seeing a friend recover from near death stimulated his intellectual interest in medicine. From Former Air Force ROTC cadet to fraternity president, Jasper has a remarkably broad range of interests and commitments in addition to his double BSc coursework load from MIT. He has won many awards while at college.

Jasper plans to study for a BSc in Psychology, Philosophy and Physiology at Oxford University.

Chenault Robert

US University: University of Chicago

UK University: Oxford University

Subject: Literae Huminiores 1

chenault_robert_rUnlike most university students, Robert voluntarily signed up for a Greek language class after given a good recommendation on the class. Expecting a class that was "fun," Robert was opened to a new world of language, philosophy, art and history called "The Classics." Robert will finish his BA in the classics and Political Science at the University of Chicago and as a Marshall Scholar will seek a second BA in the Final Honours School of the Literae Humaniores at the University of Oxford, the world leader in the study of the classics. Robert's course work will move closer to his goal of becoming a professor in the classics and bringing the Greek and Latin languages to children at a much younger age, possibly through establishing his own academy.

Cleary, Yahonnes Sadiki

US University: Columbia University

UK University: University of Oxford

Subject: Philosophy, Politics & Economics

cleary_yahonnes_sYahonnes Cleary, a Truman Scholar from the Bronx, New York, completed his BA in Political Science (American Government) at Columbia University. He is interested in social and economic inequality, particularly as they impact American inner cities. He has explored these issues through work in New York City local government and non-profits, and more broadly, through the study of poverty and development in sub-Saharan Africa. Yahonnes is currently completing an MSc in Economic and Social History at Balliol College, Oxford toward a career in urban government and social policy.

Clelland, Khalilah

US University: Fordham University

UK University: Uuniversity of Sussex at Brighton

Subject: English/African & Asian Studies

clelland_khalilah_iKhalilah Clelland, an English major from Fordham University, plans to study colonial and post-colonial literatures within the African and Asian studies programme at the University of Sussex. A talented dancer who spent six years with the Alvin Ailey dance troupe, her long-term goals including teaching and publishing her poetry. She is a fluent speaker of both French and Spanish, and maintains an interest in the work of international NGOs.

Cox, Melissa Ann

US University: The University of Tulsa (OK)

UK University: London School of Economics

Subject: Social Policy and Goverment/Politics

cox_melissaA passionate, committed, active and effective advocate for social justice, Melissa Cox will be a force in the formulation and direction of US social policy in the future. From Artesia Wells in New Mexico and studying at the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma, Melissa has already made a considerable impact in her local community, most notably by founding and organising a renewal project in a low-income, dilapidated Tulsa neighbourhood. She then went on to initiate a fringe banking project in another poor neighbourhood, starting from scratch and drawing on her legal and economics background to do all the necessary research for the start-up. In addition she remained active in student government and was involved in a range of campus activities, all aimed at enhancing the quality and conditions of student life. She also found time to row in the University's NCAA rowing team, advancing to captain of the rowing team for four semesters. Melissa plans to study for a BSc in Social Policy and Government at the London School of Economics.

DePristo, Mark Andrew

US University: Northwestern

UK University: Cambridge

Subject: Programming Languages

depristo_mark_a A computer science and mathematics double major from Northwestern University, Mark DePristo plans to study computer programming language theory and implementation at Cambridge. He grew up in Ames, Iowa, and took university courses at Iowa State while still in high school. He is a Goldwater Scholar.