Public Statement

Public Statement

26 February 2014

The Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission has noted the change recently announced publicly by the Rhodes Trust regarding their policy on personal statements included in Rhodes Scholarship applications. There has been some speculation as to whether other programmes, perhaps including the Marshall Scholarship programme, may make similar changes. 

Rhodes Scholarships bring graduates from a number of countries to study at one British university, the University of Oxford. By contrast Marshall Scholarships are available to citizens of one country only, the United States, who wish to study at any university of their choice in the United Kingdom.

The Commission, and the Marshall Selection Committees in the United States, believe that Marshall’s current procedures for choosing the best and brightest of American graduates work well. Our process is constantly evolving to ensure the selection of excellent candidates who meet the established and transparent criteria to be a Marshall Scholar. We match Marshall Scholars, on an individual basis, with the best opportunities offered by universities across the United Kingdom.

In developing the selection process for Marshall Scholars, we maintain a dialogue with university and college fellowship advisors in the United States, both individually and collectively through the National Association of Fellowship Advisors.

The Commission has no current plans to change its policy on personal statements included in Marshall Scholarship applications.